How Have You Been?

It’s the 2nd month of the new year and how have you been?

For me, it has been one long two month in which I had to make time to make time for myself. It’s a year of possibilities and it’s a year which I feel I have to focus on myself-to fulfil some things that took a backseat because of work.

Since Jan 2014, I have made

1) 25 breakfasts

2) 25 lunches for the Hubs & I (usually its sandwiches with various fillings or leftovers from dinners)

3) 25 dinners for us

After seeing it in numbers, the work I do at home doesn’t seem that daunting after all!

Some meals:

Baked red rice with corn and ham and beans

Peppers, tomatoes and veg stir fry

More stir fry!

Baked egg in ham cup

Home made meat balls with minced pork and chives


Ham, peas and corn muffins

Went for:

4) 12 PT sessions

5) 8 combat classes

6) 6 runs (must up the numbers in this!).

Working out and cooking- therapeutic ways to beat the work blues. Work isn’t easy of course-this year in particular, it seems that some stuff seem insurmountable and expectations are always on the rise.

So these are my ways to cope and to make things seem positive and better.

Some words of wisdom:


Hope everybody’s having a great monday!

What are you grateful for today?

That I tried out Zumba as part of course at work-it’s great, energetic and a good way to end the day!

Grateful for my gym membership–a haven for me.