Life Recently!

This is one of the rare Saturdays in which I got to sleep in a bit (till 8am!) and got to do things at a snail’s pace. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of work, programmes and chores! And now it’s nearing the end of 2013-this year has gone by too quickly!

Some updates:

The Hubs & I have resumed running together. After several months of working out independently due to work, we finally found some time to workout together! And nothing beats a scenic route for your workouts.


This came about mainly because of the Hub’s birthday-we celebrate all birthdays and anniversaries with a good long run!

And also with good food.


And going on lovely dates. (which are somewhat rare, seeing that the last 2 months were so tiring!)


Work-wise, it’s always a work in progress-there are always ups and downs, crazy days and okay days. I guess I’ve made my peace with things that can’t be changed and spend more effort in bringing positivity and working with people’s strengths. It’s not easy, everyday is a learning lesson for me and I think the only way to remain sane and not be too affected by work is to have other side activities like working out, cooking and training the pug.

And most importantly, to always focus on where the light is–always focus on where the light is.


It helps too to have a good playlist to aid in work, working out or whenever there is a hump in the road. And recently, some new beats include:

Work Bitch-Britney Spears

Treasure-Bruno Mars

Numb Encore-Jay Z_Linkin Park

Holy Grail-Jay Z

This Is Love-Sound Blasterz.

A new app I found:



Some stuff that I whipped up:


Grilled pork chops with greens & roasted potatoes

Quinoa with fried onions and greens!

Roasted chicken with potatoes. The colours also seem come out so wrong, but it’s tasty nevertheless!


Baked chicken with chickpeas and corn!

So yup, this is how I cope with work. 🙂