The Week In Pictures

Howdy! It’s been some time—but it’s a Monday night-quiet and calm; the dishes are done and the countertops are wiped.

To round off the evening, I have my favourite cup of soya milk with me. To top things off, I got 2 surprises from the Hubs! Surprise No.1–the Hubs got home early tonight and he made dinner–a hearty sukiyaki meal with Japanese rice. It hit the right spot; after a long day at work!



Surprise No.2 –a colleague of the Hubs gave this to him and he thought I would love it. And yes, that is so one of my favourite Snackimal’s Snacks! The snicker doodle flavour!


To recap the past week’s happenings in pictures:

1) Roasted some sweet potatoes with bacon and maple syrup….tasted awesome!

Just need to rub the sweet potatoes with some salt, olive oil, maple syrup and roast it at 250 degree celsius for 35mins

2) Enjoying sun rises with the Molly on the morning runs whilst listening to 98.7FM.

3) The most important of all–the Molly passed her obedience test with flying colours! 184/200 marks! (Hmm..I may be a tad competitive here I think).



4) We gave the Molly a bath. Below is a pictorial description of how she may be feeling.



I can’t bear to watch myself get bathed!

You mean it’s not over?


Just need to be scrubbed a little while longer

When is this ending?


I’m resigned to my fate. No use objecting.


5) We discovered that the Molly loves food.



6) Visited a clinic that was old fashioned and quaint. First time I ever felt comfortable in a clinic.

7) Loving the new Cartier advertisement featuring Andy Lau.



Something inspirational to share:

From Tao, the oldest yoga teacher at 93 years old…

Woman, 93, is world’s oldest yoga teacher

At 93, Tao Porchon-Lynch is named the oldest yoga teacher by Guinness World Records.

My mantra is to wake up the morning and say,

“This is going to be the best day of my life.”

That way I can face anything.

My mantra for life is, “There is nothing that you cannot do.”

So there is really nothing you cannot do. Be determined and move forward. I just thought it was apt since earlier last week, I was all feeling knotted up and a bit taxed from work, so I took a Body Balance class to unwind and it really helped me feel all stretched up and more relaxed. There must be something to this yoga goodness after all.

How has your Monday been folks?


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