Inspiration From Master Chef & Then Some

Last week flew by really quickly! My resolution to post on Wednesday was procrastinated to a Friday and before I knew it, the week was well and done with! Part of my distraction came from the below:


The hubs and I recently discovered this really gripping reality show-it’s exciting, the challenges are difficult and the contestants are so inspiring. Would you believe they are all home cooks? One is a systems administrator, another a delivery driver among other normal occupations. It’s not only their self taught skills that are worth emulating, it’s also the tenacity and the ability to work in a pressure cooker environment. (pun unintended!) 🙂

In the midst of getting inspired, I borrowed this:


My goal is to make 2 recipes from each section in the book for starters!

The last week, I managed to get my groove back into my workouts. PT sessions have upped the ante, and the last session, the leg presses were a killer!

Apparently, once I put my mind to it and focus, I am able to overcome my barriers. I must say, it has really helped in getting myself more focused and this has translated to other parts in my life as well.

The last week, I managed to go for some sessions of body combat and three intense sessions of PT and by mid day, I’m just pooped-in a good way.


Also, my morning workouts of bringing Molly for her walks have not been missed! Although, I have found that Molly likes to make friends and have a romp in the greens!




Some food that was prepped over the course of last week:

Japanese rice cooked in rice cooker with Chinese mushrooms, black eyed peas and vegs. Soaking the rice for 45 mins before cooking really made the rice much fluffier, like that of a risotto but not that liquidy.

Also, stirring in some sesame oil also helped bring out its flavour. Topping it with baked cashew nuts also brought out the flavour. I liked this so much, I went back for thirds!



For one of the breakfasts, I stirred in some frozen blueberries, pecan nuts into the pancake batter for a more flavourful pancake.



And for one of the dinners, since I had leftover potatoes and kale and sausages, I made home fries with everything cooked together. Kinda like a jazzed up potato salad.


I think I kinda like cooking and training because it serves as a good distraction from daily life. I have made my peace with work and these side hobbies kinda help keep me in balance.

Also having the opportunity to talk to people from different walks of life this week also helped put things in perspective. Nothing comes by easy, and that includes finding the right equilibrium in one’s personal life as well.

How apt is the below? Seems like having FOCUS and being focused is really integral for being balanced.


What are some hobbies you have that helps balance out your life?

Has anyone caught Master Chef Season 4?