Guest Post Sunday-Molly Speaks

Hi there! Howdy folks! I’m Molly the pug and my lady boss, owner of this blog space wants me to do a guest post on the week’s happenings! I thought I won’t be up for the job but my lady boss insisted and she said something about earning my keep and making myself useful and how her throat’s still feeling off and all. So I’m here as a temporary stand in till she feels better.

Anyhows, this week has been quite an exciting one for me-I got to meet lots of new people and do all kinds of interesting activities with my boss and my lady boss.

First up, I got a new doggie play pal at the start of the week! I thought she was real!


Until I sniffed her for ten minutes and found nothing! *psscht* it’s just an Ikea toy! Looks like the Swedes know their stuff!


Then big boss and lady boss hosted the annual moon cake festival for their friends. There were lots of moon cakes and other yummy snacks but none for me unfortunately. Something about being pudgy and needing to watch my hips, according to my lady boss.


But I did enjoy watching the people play with the sparklers and being on the lantern walk! I thought I was going to be scared of the flames but I loved it! And of course it helped that most of the attention was on me!

I’m sorry if the pictures are a bit blur, as you know I’m still trying to get things wrapped around my paws.



Today was a lovely end to the weekend. The bosses brought me to a Fast & Furry Event organised by Telok Blangah CC and I met all kinds of play pals there! Initially it was a tad overwhelming as there were so many dogs and people but I got over it after a while–And the big boss wanted to participate in the mass obedience class training demonstration that was going on, so I had to be on my best behaviour and do him proud!





The swag bag was great–I got myself a new toy and some nice treats and clearly, new reading material.


Before we left, we took a picture to enter the lookalike contest that was going on. Any resemblance? And oh, the lady boss would like me to request that no judgement be made on her; she is still working with the hair that is acting up at the moment. Psscht! Obviously she has not experienced what it feels like to be covered in those furry stuff-all over.


And before I end off, the lady boss would like me to help her post up some things she did recently:

For instance, having the hamburg tomato omu rice and wanting to recreate the dish at home.


Banana pancakes with coconut flakes, with a johnsonville sausage for dinner.


And recreating an aglio olio dish recently and discovering the wonders of chopped fresh chilli. How rude of them not to have offered anything to me though. Just saying. 🙂


And lastly, for one of their dates, the bosses went to a burger joint and found a new hangout spot, and a cheaper alternative to Chilli’s.




Also, the bosses went to a wind band performance recently and had a great night out without me.


All this posting is making me a little tired. I’m going back to chill on my favourite chair.


Till then all!

I’m going to catch forty winks before my next meal-which obviously will not be any of those good food featured above. *pssscht*

But you have a good week ahead! 🙂

P.S: Lady Boss would like to add that hopefully there will not be such a long absence between future posts, she really likes blogging but she says something about rest being important and having to do this thing called work.


Molly would like to know:

If you have ever been to a wind band concert?

Should lady boss do something about her hair?? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Guest Post Sunday-Molly Speaks

  1. Thanks Jo! I’m always so tempted to chop my hair!! Help me resist it! 🙂
    Also, you have been cooking up a storm! Loving your food pics! So inspiring!

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