Perfect Weekend

This weekend was the most most perfect it can get!

Let’s back up to Saturday:

I took Molly out for a walk and on my way I met this other guy who was walking his dog and he told me about the dog park nearby. He told me last week but I didn’t have time to check it out so I decided there and then to cancel my long walk plan with Molly and brought her to the dog park instead. It was providence because dogs of all sizes and ages were there and they were so well balanced and calm! Molly could not have asked for better playmates and we could not have asked for better fellow dog owners who could dispense good advice and also their experience!

For some strange reason I just felt so happy to see the Molly have a good time romping with the other dogs in the big open space and having a grand time playing and socialising with other dogs. Let’s just say the Mollster was passed out after we got back! And I should say I was even more excited than Molly was when I saw those beauties roaming freely! We should have more open spaces like these!





Saturday night was spent with friends and it was an ah-mazing catch up session–I’ve never felt so relaxed in ages! And of course we had a blast enjoying good conversations and food at our favourite hangout–Chili’s! It’s wonderful how good company can be an emotional and mental boost!


Sunday was spent out with the Hubs. We went to a bespoke “gentlemen’s shirts” shop.



We had fun playing around with Halloween props



This was a tiring endeavour so we had afternoon tea at the Magnum bar where we shared a Carla Bruni apple pie ice cream and a cup of ginger tea.





The Hubs was pleased as punch that he decimated the dessert.


The rest of the afternoon was spent with the Molly putting her in various poses.






She seems disturbed that we have such a lame sense of humour.

Some fabulous eats over the weekend:

My breakfast tot yogurt, granola and nuts before walking the Molly.


A chicken bean bake:


And some corn & ham muffins were baked. Together with some tofu.


Also, a new find to help us unwind. It’s not too bad, but I think I prefer stronger scents.


Hope your week is off to a good start!

Have you recently had any best ever weekends? Don’t you just wish all weekends, or even or days were like the wonderful moments you had during your perfect weekend?


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