Nice Surprises In The Week

This week has been exceedingly difficult-the first 3 days that is. Not only did I not get a chance to work out from Mon-Wed, at work, it was also a case of hitting rock bottom. There definitely were gigantic humps at work and for the first time ever, I really wanted to call it quits. And to make things more frustrating, other colleagues have been posting up positive stuff about their work and how they are so happy at work, but I just wasn’t feeling it. So it was also a personal hump that I had to get over as well.

But on Wed night, the night that I really needed to feel better about myself, this occurred.

We brought the Molly to her 8th training session and she had to do her thing-like sit without budging for 3 mins, and walk properly on heel command etc. She did everything so beautifully that it really made my night. Perhaps its a bit lame sauce to feel this way, but I really needed a “win” that night and she made me feel that at least in a certain part of my day, I was doing okay. 🙂

Can you spot her?



Molly’s fellow trainees and doggie play pals.


Anyhow, the week picked up after that for me. From thurs-saturday, I went for my PT sessions, and I was so exhausted from those sessions that I super mellowed out at work and could be in a calmer state of mind. Also, my trainer decided to up the ante and I actually leg pressed 165kg! (with his help of course), but still! Moral of the story- I should always find a way to work out before starting my work day so I won’t turn into a monster. It’s like me and coffee. 🙂 According to the trainer, which I also find it true, most of the time, it’s a mental workout during strength training- and on days when the mind is all over the place, doing strength training actually makes you focus and forget about all the other stuff that is going on.

Feeling really mellowed out after the workout.


And the Hubs was also quite sweet. He made dinner on Monday- and coming back to this really cheered me up.


And he let me sleep in today and made breakfast!


Some other things that made week enjoyable and fun–

1) Nice long walks in the mornings with the Moll-ster.


2) Catching the Hubs lecturing the Moll-ster one evening and hearing him give his spiel which went:

” It has come to our attention that you have not been on your best behaviour. Ever sine you got that toy sausage, it seems like you have not been your usual self. Is it the evil sausage that is causing you to be in trouble?”

I think he said it to generate some laughs from me after a hard day and it worked.


And no, the toy sausage wasn’t evil, Molly was just being a little playful. But we put an end to it. 🙂

3) Going to the supermarket with the Hubs and him pointing out that the hands don’t fit the picture. Man Hands!


4) Catching a group of opera troupe actors prepping before going on-stage. How quaint!




5) Using the new IOS 7 for my iPhone. It’s snazzy ain’t it? And the camera now has many functions & settings. Loving it!


6) Getting cookies from the Hubs! I am a real life cookie monster.


Lilac & Strawberry cookies-perfect for tea!

What’s the heaviest weight you lifted or pushed?

Any new strength workouts you tried out recently?