Week In Pictures

How’s the week been for everyone? The past few week has been flying by due to a conference I had to attend but its a great respite from work and also a great way to get inspired by other people in the similar industry!

In spite of this, workouts have been consistent the last 2 weeks which I have been really grateful for. The last circuit was really good and also really crushed my legs!

The rest of the week in pictures:

The Hubs bought the below to cheer me up last week and I loved it. Frozen yogurt is the way to go! I found a cheaper alternative-putting yogurt in the freezer for 10-15 mins also create the same texture as the brand name ones.


A new recipe I tried-chicken bean bake.

-Cook some beans that you like. ( Iused black eye peas and soybeans)

-Mix basil, black pepper with the beans in a casserole dish

-Add some frozen beans as well if you want to

-Add chicken on top. (I used chicken fillet). It will be good to use chicken leg/thigh as well

-Season with salt and pepper and garlic

-Rub with olive oil

-Pop in oven at 250 degree celsius for 30mins. And done!

(we ate part of the end product before snapping a pic)


Also loving giant green salad with some meat for protein (for one of the lunches)


And because I had bananas, I made the Hubs a banana spinach omelette for breakfast during the week.


Prepping the vegs and ingredients before the week last Sunday started also helped me feel more organised and more together about my life. 🙂


This came in useful when I ,are vegetable curry last night.


Using the curry powder below.


As a treat, I had a teriyaki (Japanese red bean pancake in the shape of a fish) and some curry for dinner.



The week through Molly’s eyes was also quite interesting.

She got her first bath from us (we usually let the groomer’s take care of it). It wasn’t too difficult but its a wet process.

She got shampooed,


And she got her mug shot taken.

“It ain’t me governah!”

And she chilled.


And she got real down..with her favourite bone.

Also, the lovely sunrise I saw as I was heading to work early one morning made my day.


How has your week been? If you were to piece your week in pictures, what will it look like?


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