Overcoming Bad Workout Days

So hard to believe that my throat and nose infection thingy is back again-and this after the last time which happened a month ago. I highly suspect its due to the job. Perhaps on a subconscious level I’m feeling tried out by having to communicate to so many people and be very PR to everyone and it’s manifesting in these physical ways. Some days, I just want to crawl back into bed and be under the covers all day long and wish that people will leave me alone. It’s been this sentiment for the last few months and I wish I could get out from this work funk. But I guess that’s life and reality, so I should just suck it up and deal with it. I’m really hoping that there will be some light at the end of the tunnel in the near future.

But yesterday was my off day- so visiting the parentals helped. Talking to ze parents really help in reassuring that everything comes with hard work and nothing is ever easy to begin with. Also being pampered by the parents with food also helped made my day. Even though I was feeling woozy from the the throat thing, I took the Mollster for a run or in her version, a “jog”, before hitting the gym for combat. And the timing as follow: 24 mins 48 secs for 2.9k. I swear the Mollster is really slowing my running time by a lot-but I think I will have to do my own runs at my own time. 🙂


Today, since I would be starting work a lot later, I tried to make the Mollster do a run as well. But she was really sluggish about it and was a bit reluctant, so I took her on a long walk instead. Of course, we had to do pit stops to get social with the other pups in the ‘hood and one third of the walk included doing some training exercises that we were given by the trainer.


I thought I would be too ill to walk/run with the Mollster but the jaunt outside helped to rejuvenate me a little.

And when I looked at the morning sky, it was hard not to give thanks and be grateful for the start of another new day.


This week has been a little tough-it feels like a bad workout day most of the time. Other days I find it easy to wake up early and stick to my routine and get efficient about things. But this week has been unusually difficult in maintaining that “bright eyed and bushy tailed” persona and most of the days take some amount of extra effort to get me going and started. It’s so easy to fall into the “moan & groan” trap but we can see like it’s just a bad workout day. Cause it is normal and it is okay. It’s these “feel like death” days that make good days seem like the bomb.com. And we must also realise that these bad days will pass–bad days cannot define us and what we have accomplished over the last few months/years.

And sometimes bad days may just mean that we really need to rest and and slow down and not be a Mary Poppins all the time.

And also, who knows, bad days may mean that we need to indulge in some good desserts to get us up and going again; such as the below.


And bad days may mean we need more pumpy songs in our playlist such as :

1) Internet Friends-Captain Karate Intention


Go to the link and listen to the song! It begins with a very strong worded message that makes you unafraid of doing anything because the song starts :

“You blocked me from Facebook and now you’re going to die” –Wow-strong message much. Although that’s probably what we tell our enemies-or people who make you feel crappy, in our head.

2) Jay Z & Linken Park-Numb

Lastly, bad days may mean that you may need to look at this face more often:



Most of the time, caring and thinking about something or someone else will help you get through these bad days.

And also, it does’t hurt to put in a workout or two, such as getting shredded to pieces by your personal trainer or getting pumped by the energy in the combat classes to get your engine going again.

So, your homework for the week is:

To tell yourself “I LOVE MY _______(part of the body-can be biceps, shoulders, legs abs) & I WILL GET THROUGH THIS DAY!!!”

How do you overcome your bad workout days?


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