Living The Life

So glad for the two day holiday break! I so needed the rest and the time to catch up with everything at home!

Life so far:

On the first day of the break (today), I cleaned the house and the floor feels squeaky clean. We also brought Molly to her first training session and it went well! I think I’m really nerdy- I enjoy taking classes and lessons with the Hubs!

The Hubs is out for a night cycling thing with his buds, so I’m chilling at home, catching up on top hits on youtube and random surfing.

The last week and a half, I’ve been shutting myself off a bit-from social stuff-to recover mentally because I was a bit drained from work. And for a few days, I’ve been really tired from work and I don’t exactly feel upbeat about going to work even. No matter where I looked, I just couldn’t feel inspired (by people or by events at work). And no matter who I talked to, I just couldn’t find the solution to what i was facing.

Anyways, after one of those days, I just got tired from feeling this way and I just went for a short run. Big-o problems don’t seem so daunting and creative juices just flow when one is on a run! I forgot how good runs make me feel! And now that the weather has settled and I have a better idea of how my routine is in the mornings, I can resume my long runs! IMG_3824

Loving the slogan below and it’s just amazing how a run can transform your mood and your day.


Some new songs for my running playlist:

I Cry-Flo Rida

Campione 2012-DJ Flow

Dark Side-Kelly Clarkson

50 Ways To Say Goodbye-Train


Because The Night-Manian Bootleg Cut


Don’t Wake Me Up-Chris Brown

Recently, I have been loving the clouds on my walk with the Moll-ster. One doesn’t have to go far to enjoy the sun rise.   


Early start to the day is always the best and the most inspirational.


My workouts-the only things that keep me going and jazz me up to deal with work stuff.

Body Combat-my warm up workout before my PT session. It’s great going for PT (psychologically); since my PT is like my mental therapist–I’m forced to keep work off my mind and focus on the workouts.


An indulgent diner that we had recently-since we didn’t have anything prepped before that, I took what we had in the freezer-some breaded fish fillets, Johnsonville sausages and some leftover corn muffins & turned it into a tv-dinner.


Together with ginormous spinach and peas stir fry salad!


Leaving you with a pic of Molly and me-can you see I’m really proud of my artistic shadow shots?



How and where do you get your inspiration from?



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