A Restful Weekend

The weekend was good.

Starting Friday, I was feeling a sense of being loved by the universe. I had volunteers to cover a programme which i thought I had to conduct (in the evening), in spite of being at work at a ridiculously early hour of 6.30am due to a work emergency. So the good thing was I didn’t have to stay too late at work.

Also, the evening was quality time spent with friends. This was repeated on Sunday afternoon and the two occasions made me appreciate the people I have around me and that time spent with friends is irreplaceable and also food for the soul. Especially since we are not in the teens stage anymore, friends for keeps really help rejuvenate mental and emotional health.

Saturday went by quickly and I spent the most of the time lying on the couch reading and also tidied up the house. It always feels fulfilling to have a cleanly mopped floor.

Sunday morning was spent with the Molly at the park. I took her for a walk at 7.20am and we ran into some friendly folks and their dogs and the three doggies had a fun time romping and horsing around. I’m always nicely surprised to meet new people because I learn so much from them and it’s always so inspiring to hear their stories and to have a peek into their lives.

When I got back, it was still quiet and I had to love the serene feeling in the morning that has such a zen like quality to it.


And the morning sun always gives such a lovely glow to the home.


Later on, we had a brunch date at one of the hawker centres and after running some errands, we chilled out by visiting our favourite drinks joint.






This really helped us to relax and we agreed that we should do these dates more often!

And it was so relaxing that a nap was inevitable. Molly clearly agrees with afternoon naps as well.


Some workout highlights:

Monday Workout:

119sec squats on vibrogym (x3)

side squats on vibrogym (20 each)

Step workout with weights (20×2)

5mins rowing

Alternate lunges with weights (15×4)

100 situps

90 pushups

5mins cycling

Leg Press (30×3)


Saturday Workout

Ab Cruncher (30×3)

Leg Press (100 reps)

Sit Up Cruncher (100 reps)

Back exercise machine (15×3)

Squats on vibrogym (119 sec X3)

For some reason, Wed workout was totally blacked out from my mind. I think I was too exhausted to remember.

Some meal highlights:

I used the remaining curry sauce from the last meal and put it in the crockpot with some jacksonville sausages and more root vegetables were added. This created a stew like quality which was really hearty.



On Saturday, since I was having dinner alone, I just put everything together for a ginormous salad of sorts.

-leftover brown rice, leftover veg and leftover minced meat & egg.


Some Molly Highlights:

We have been training her for a while now, and although it is not easy, (we have to practice every night!), it is quite a joyful feeling when she gets a particular command.

Of course she is still a puppy, that is like a toddler in human years and she looks so worriedly cute when we horse around with her.

Such as showing off Molly’s big face.



And putting her on a chair. It is hilarious because she has not mustered courage to jump down, so all she does is shuffle with uncertainty on the chair.

Really thankful for these restful moments during the weekend which is giving me strength for this new week!

How do you ensure that you have restful weekends?