And It Rained

Literally and metaphorically.

Yesterday, when I walked the Molly, the sky was a weird, foreboding colour. The path was dark even for the time of the morning and when the street lamps went off, it felt like a scene from some apocalyptic movie. I felt a slight drizzle but thought it was safe and light enough to continue walking since there were some runners and elderly walkers out and about. But after crossing to the other park, my gut instinct told me to turn back and soon after, it started to rain and then it began to pour! So the Molly and I had to run back in the rain–which was quite fun and a little exhilarating considering that it was a dramatic way of waking my sleepy self up. It’s the first run in the rain for the both of us and definitely memorable.

Lesson learnt: Always trust your gut instinct! 🙂

Look at them clouds!


Since it was early and it was raining outside, I settled for a cup of coffee. Wanted to blog but napped for another 30mins before going for my workout.


WOD: Workout Of The Day

50-17 workout.

50sec vested circuit, (burpees, one legged squats, weights, etc) 17 sec rest. This went on for like 40mins before going on to TRX workout and the inverted boss ball workout.

My gosh-this was so good-it put whatever sleepiness and tiresome feelings I had before that to an end!

Moving on–

It also rained metaphorically because the night before, I totally had a meltdown on the Hubs. An unloading on the Hubs-all of the uncertainties and mental blocks and all the humps I was facing. In spite of the major waterworks that ensued, the Hubs gave really good advice and I felt much better after the episode. And the workout really put an end to all these negative feelings.

Lesson learnt: Practice more self care so that I can have more mental strength & pay more attention to others and be tuned in to others around me.

As the Molly shows, sometimes the weight of the world may seem too heavy for us, so just surrender, put your head down and rest.

It’s tough being a pug! 🙂


How do you practice self care?


2 thoughts on “And It Rained

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, you are so right, carpe diem should be the motto of each day! And I am on board with the being alive while living maxim. There are only so many hours in each day 🙂

  2. I never do much self care in the past, and “compensating” now by taking time out to be myself, indulge in hobbies and having time with family & friends. It doesn’t matter what others perceive or what the future has in store, I am only a temporary traveller passing through and live only once. So be alive while I live 🙂 🙂 🙂

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