Recuperating & What Has Been Missed

It’s been some time since the last post! Work has taken over a bit and for the last few days (including today!), I have been down with a flu-ey and fever-y bug that has been going around at work and at home! It doesn’t help that the air conditioning at work is freezing-so I have been staving off the bug until my body crashed on me the last two days. But with the help of some herbal tea and meds, I think I’m on the mend! 🙂 In an ironic and masochistic kind of way, I also miss work!

Loads of stuff happened over the last weekend and there is some catching up to do since I was in no mood and no energy to post the last few days. 🙂

Some workouts accomplished before I crashed-

A few 5ks

PT classes have resumed! & my trainer is back with a vengeance! 🙂 We did a million squats, inverted bosu ball squats with the viber, ab crunches with the ball and a gazillion variations of squats. My legs were on fire! 🙂

Am getting back my running jive-really pleased with that!

Some morning pictures that I thought were beautiful and inspiring: Really loving the silence and calmness in the mornings- helps to organise one’s thoughts before starting the day proper.



Doesn’t the reddish sky reminds one of a prairie landscape?



Now, that looks like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe poem-The Raven. A tad foreboding, no?


Some eats: I must say last week was quite an accomplishment as I managed to prep most of the dinners! 🙂

Grilled fish with parmesan cheese with spinach and peas for one of the dinners.


Return of the bagel-wich with deli meats and cheese for one of the weekday breakfasts.


In a moment of creativity, I decided to mix in some bananas that were on their last legs with the pancake batter & created banana pancakes. It looks quite ugly because I didn’t manage to flip them properly (due to the weight), but the Hubs loved, loved them! (Tip: It goes really well with maple syrup or pumpkin-maple butter that i had on hand).


Shrimp with tofu, shanghai greens and leftover chicken and red peppers for one of the dinners.


Also making an appearance at a weekday dinner was pan fried fish with peas and shrimp, with a leftover fish nugget and a mini egg frittata on board. (see if you can spot them!)


Another breakfast dish–leftover grilled chicken with cheese and sunny side up on cinnamon raisin toast for the Hubs!


And because the last few days, the Hubs was ill, we had Quaker instant oats cooked with minced meat and mixed vegetables. It’s a good alternative to chicken soup!


And for one of the breakfasts–banana nut crunch with hazelnuts and Ghiradelli white chocolate chips! (because I was craving something sweet in the morning). Goes really well with milk! 🙂


And now, some pictures of the Molly.


Molly sitting nicely on the chair (because she was afraid of slipping off through the gap).


Molly on her runs (that can only last 2 minutes max)



Let’s hope the rest of the week will be so much better than the last few days! 🙂

Are you a morning person or night owl?

What is your best remedy for getting over a flu/fever bug?


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