Meeting People And A Break In The Week

Because I had an off day today (working on the weekend that’s why!), I took things really slow and savoured the moments in the day. Funnily enough, on a random note, I used to think I was pretty introverted, but those past few months, I have been talking to lots of people and people have been chatting up with me at the gym, in the park (when I’m with Molly) and also with the neighbours. It’s real funny since I never considered myself to be a social butterfly, but I think talking to people makes me feel more cheerful and also hearing about people’s experiences also helps me learn more about a lot of areas in life.

Some people instances this week:

1) At the gym, during one of the combat classes, one lady mentioned to me that she was taking up personal training-and partly because I was talking to her about my personal training experiences and she was inspired to take up some sessions! And she in turn inspired me when she did two different classes back to back in spite of the soreness she has had during PT earlier on! Ah-mazing!

2) At the park today, I met this kindly British gentleman walking his 11 year old dog and he was very taken with Molly. When told about Molly’s age and playfulness with strangers, he told me that his dog (who is very mellow), used to be known as a Mexican jumping bean because he was so frisky and playful! And he said that the playfulness will pass.

On a side note, I’m loving the cool mornings and the really beautiful way of how the dark sky slowly becomes brighter.




3) During the evening walk, we saw some maids gathered with their owner’s dogs–there were about six dogs in total! And we thought it was good socialisation exercise for Molly so we brought her to meet them-and we got to know the maids and their dogs better.

Molly meeting Benjy.

4) When I was making dinner this evening, the doorbell rang and to my surprise, our new neighbour’s wife (expats from India), asked if we could spare a pinch of salt. I always thought this happened in stories or in some villages; i never expected to be asked about salt or any condiments in this day and age! It was a really nice way to get to know our new neighbours better and to break the ice.

Because I had time today, after the combat class this morning (my trainer is on reservist, army recall, so I have a break!!), I got groceries for the coming week and managed to prep some meals!

A little reverse to the meals yesterday for a start:

Azuki Purple Baked Rice

Okay, the name is a little long but yesterday, in the morning before I left for work, I had prepped some purple and brown rice in the rice cooker and had added adzuki beans to it. But later in the evening, the Hubs was in a baked rice kind of mood, so I took the rice, added onions and two johnsonville herbed sausages to it, sprinkled a dollop of mozzarella cheese on top and baked for 35mins at 200 degree celsius.


We had baby broccoli, leftover asparagus and red peppers and onions stir fry as a side.


We demolished the baked rice pretty quickly.


Since I used adzuki beans, I also made an adzuki (red bean) drink for the Hubs!


For lunch today, I had the leftovers from last night and I scrambled an egg to go along with it. Leftovers rock! πŸ™‚


For dinner tonight, I made mini egg frittatas.

1) Whisk or stir these together:

4 eggs

some milk

minced meat




basil leaves

Pour the mixture into muffin tins


Bake at 25mins at 200 degree celsius and voila!


Whilst the frittatas were a-baking, I made some homefries with onions, green peppers and leftover baby broccoli. Onions really make a dish smell and taste more flavourful!


And also grilled some pork burger patties to go along with cinnamon raisin bread and cheese. Okay, it’s quite a big dinner (I think) but it was a good anecdote for the Hub’s rather tiring day!


Distance covered with the Molly and the time taken (inclusive of both morning and evening walks). Workout today included a combat class, 2 walks (5k)! πŸ™‚


Ending off with some random pictures of the Molly!

Are you talking about me?

I like getting hugs from the Boss but I don’t know why I still look so sad!

Walking proud beside the Boss

Let me get over to the side! I don’t want to fall into the water!

The two goofballs saying goodnight!


What are your workouts like this week?

Do you like meeting and talking to new people?

I like meeting and talking to people in a relaxed setting or in a place that I enjoy going to!


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