Tough Workouts & Favourite Spots

How was everyone’s week?

This week began on a butt-kicking note. PT session totally kicked my butt.

Some things done:

1) lunges with weights (5 sets of 30)

2) burps with boss ball (3 sets of 20)

3) Jumpjack with weight (3 sets of 20)

4) Leg Press (3 sets of 50)

5) 5 min walk with 15% incline on treadmill

6) 2 sets of 2 mins squats

Wow! My legs died! I really think my trainer’s aim is to make me throw up one day during workout. 😉

On Monday, since it was a holiday for the Hubs and an off day for me, some housework ensued for me and the Hubs caught up on his own work. And the Molly decided to hang out with the Hubs.



Because it was a hot day, and we had leftover fruits (namely rock melon, pears and guava), the easiest way was to drink our fruits.


30 secs later, juicy goodness!


We had deli chicken (given to me by my mum) and so I decided to make a sandwich out of it for my dinner by shredding the chic’kn. Since we also had leftover croissants.

I’m starting to see a trend here with my food. 🙂


Today since it was a busy day of work, I made myself a peanut butter sandwich on cinnamon raisin toast with egg and more leftover deli chicken. It held me over for the whole afternoon together with a starbucks fresh brew. This delish lunch made me feel so much better about the long meeting that took place a while later.



And since the Hubs was feeling under the weather, I cooked quick oats with minced pork, peas and carrots so it was easy on his throat. Actually I’ve been craving this for some time too. Somehow savoury oats (with sesame oil) and pepper speaks to me.


Along with a side of greens (broccoli, yellow bell peppers, asparagus stir fried with guess what, deli chicken). We have officially used up all our deli chicken.

Dinner tonight came together in 30 mins-and I left it on the stove whilst I walked the Molly and got rid of my day’s burden along the way :


Today has been a day of go, go, go from the start. It’s time to take a breather and enjoy being at home.

My favourite hangout spots at home:

The living room


And the kitchen! Cooking is therapeutic!

The chocolate milk is calling out to me. And then it’s off to rest a bit before getting started on some work that was given last minute! 😛

Tomorrow I’m resuming my runs & my PT sessions. These will definitely make my day!

And on a last note, has anybody watched The Joy Truck? I always count my blessings and am so grateful for what I have after watching this show!

What’s your toughest workout by far?

Where is your favourite hangout spot at home?


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