Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend has been inspiring and also, one that is filled with love and humour.

I went over to the parentals on Saturday after the long walk with the Molly and the three of us (my dad, mum and I) went out for lunch and to buy the elusive “kuehs” (think of asian pies) that are so good and choke full of different types of fillings. My dad wanted to show me the place so that I can go on my own (and not bother them next time to get those for me, haha). The kuehs were so popular that by the time we reached, only certain types of kuehs were left. My favourite cabbage kueh was sadly all sold out. I really loved that and I remembered when I was holed up at home earlier this year with an injured arm, my parents brought me those kuehs to cheer up my spirits. šŸ™‚ It was a fun afternoon out though, spending time with the parentals over lunch and doing grocery shopping together.

One of the road marks to help me find the kueh place so I won’t lose my bearings:


The kueh: One was filled with chives and the other was filled with glutinous rice, peanuts and shrimps! Yums!


Later that night, the Hubs and I managed to have a date night! We meandered around the shopping mall after dinner and spotted several interesting things!


Interesting Item 1: Gigantic bun in front of a stall selling steamed buns and pastries. The Hubs think I have a penchant for behemothic things, hence my borderline obsession with mascots.


Interesting Item 2: Need I say more?


The Hubs asked if I would like to climb up and sit in it. I was very tempted to if not for the throngs of people walking by the store.


Interesting Item 3: A polo t shirt with pictures of tiny shields on it. What was interesting was what the Hubs said-“Wearing this shirt makes me feel shielded!”. Haha. I wish I thought of that pun first.


Sunday was a great day spent with friends, one whom just came back from abroad to visit. Good food, good company = amazing sauce sunday afternoon. It was also one that was inspiring because of the experiences shared about living and working abroad. It was encouraging to know that no matter where one can be in the world, with tenacity, bravery and positivity, imbued with a sense of passion, things will always work out. It helped me to put things in perspective–that a bad day doesn’t mean the end of the world-it means just taking a time out and having the courage to move forward with positivity. I just get so inspired because the friends at lunch were doing things outside of their comfort zone, and willing to take chances with new experiences; so why should I hold myself back? šŸ™‚

The afternoon after lunch ended off with a walk with the Molly.


We passed by a stretch of wilderness (which is just behind our place). We spotted a dead snake (eeks!!), in which I was still freaked out by and seconds later, scared myself with a branch lying on the ground, thinking it was a snake.


We passed by an abandoned school-which closed down after there was a lack of funding. The building still looked pretty spiffy though!


And walked by stretches of wild greenery. Who knows what creatures reside in those foliage?




And later, a gate overgrown with grass that led into an abandoned running track. The Hubs said that it’s nature’s way to take over anything and everything. How apt.


Somebody thought of engraving the avenues of these three places (that intersected with each other) quite nicely on the ground.


And finally, the Molly, overcome with heat and thirst, laid on the ground to rest a bit.


Actually, she was quite pooped even before the walk. (picture below). We had to encourage her quite a bit.


The day ended off with dinner at the in-laws, and somehow, stories and life experiences were also shared. And on the way back, I thought we were quite blessed that we are surrounded by kindness, love and support. That, even when the “going got a bit tough”, there is always someone to turn to, be it the Hubs, the parentals or friends. And that made me really thankful because I can be such a “moaning Myrtle” at times. šŸ™‚

What an inspiring weekend! I think it was a subtle message from the universe or higher powers to be more dare-devil in coping with new experiences and to be thankful for what we have!

Are you easily awed by gigantic stuff like me?

I remember reading James & The Giant Peach when I was younger and I was filled with so much wonderment for the colossal peach!

Have you ever seen a snake in real life? Not until today, no!



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