The Week

Rundown of my week. Meant to post during one of the weekdays but I was so pooped from everything!

Most mornings are started with a walk. My runs have now been replaced by walks. Some mornings this week were quite beautiful, except for Thursday and Friday which were wet and rainy.

That’s a typical view of the walk home. Although it seems bright; it’s only 7.20am.


That was a trail left behind by a plane.


Loving the morning sky. Helps to bring a sense of calm before the day becomes too hectic and wild. The walks are sorta my warmups before my actual workouts in the gym so they are my pre-workouts workout. Workouts this week included circuit and core exercises.

A rundown of a typical day for me:

5.30am-Get up, make coffee & brekky

5.50am-Feed the Molly

6.45am-Say bye to the Hubs & bring the Molly for a walk

7.20am-Get back home

7.30am-Get ready for work. If I start later, I will head to the gym and workout class at 7.45am.

It really helps to prep dinner & lunch foods the night before so everything can be done efficiently on the actual day.


Some breakfasts:

Banana nut crunch with chia seeds, hazelnuts and some walnuts. It’s a lasting breakfast so one can last for hours on that!


Another breakfast I tried (which the Hubs strongly refused) was blueberry smoothie. Since I had blueberries, some yogurt and milk on hand, I blended everything the night before and all that is needed to be done in the morning is to gulp it down. Also another power breakfast that leaves one feeling satiated. Yup it doesn’t look too good, but it’s rather tasty!


It’s also a great lunch meal.


One of the dinners:

Fried purple rice with egg, leftover chorizo and leftover chicken marinated in miso sauce (which totally can’t be seen in the picture)–I’m such a good photographer. 😉


Together with greens-sweet peas, broccoli, peppers and shrimps.


Recently, my pre bedtime drink of choice-chocolate milk. Such a smooth velvety beverage-who can resist?



The Hubs got a new toy! Yes and the iPad mini is really very light indeed. Guess which is mine? It’s strange that the Hubs is carrying a smaller sized ipad, seeing how he’s bigger than me. 🙂

On the work front

Had to do my monthly compilation of reports and I was up the wall. Also, I had to rush some work for some editorals. On top of that, I gotta deal with partners and public. Following that, I also have to correct attitude and some sass from some folks (okay, actually one folk) but thinking and acting like a man does help-in the sense that I did not put much emotion and importance on that-although it was rather annoying. I find it easier now to move past these “incidents” and not to be affected by them and strongly believing that not giving in to ill behaviour does help a lot. 🙂 Wow, I have matured much. 😉

On the Molly front:

The Molly managed to get her tail hooked onto a large plastic bag and she didn’t know how to shake it off. How did she get her tail hooked on a bag? Well, just for laughs, we were trying to see if she could fit into a plastic bag so we can carry her around (and I reiterate; for laughs) but she flailed wildly whilst in the bag (which was less than ten seconds) and when she bolted out, her tail got stuck-and we laughed at her for a full minute as she trailed across the room with the bag on her tail. Hmm..we are such mean people. 🙂




But of course, a lot of lov’in was showered on her after that. 🙂




How was your week? How do you deal with folks that give you sass?


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