Saturday Morning And The Molly

Wow! The week really flew by! I wanted to sleep in today, but ended up waking up at 6.30am since the Hubs has to go back to work-and since I was already up and the weather was fantastic- I took the Molly for a walk! 7k to be exact, to and from the Botanical Gardens.

We started with a really nice sky today. After days of alternating between crazy hot and silly rain weather, the weather today was meant for walking! Along the way, Ms Molly made friends with several dogs-a huge and shy Daschund and a really timid beagle. Also, many people stopped to talk to me about the Molly-like what breed she is, how old she is etc–and she got her fair share of "aws" from some small kiddos. Looks like Molly is the park socialite today!  It’s just a tad sad that I can’t do my usual running with her but walking around the Gardens really helped me unwind from my very long and very uncool day yesterday. And by uncool I mean I feel like giving up uncool.

Now, who cannot help but be inspired and feel glad at this lovely weather and grassland! It was lucky we went at a time when the sun was peeping out and everything was just starting to uncurl and awake to a new day so the mood was quite calm and people were really cheerful and friendly at the park.

I saw these beautiful swirls of clouds on my way back. After taking this pic, a lady at the busstop looked up from her book and laughed at the Molly who was panting dramatically. A guy later passed me and commented that the Molly must be tired from walking as she  has such short legs. 🙂

Well, its sad that nobody took pity on me for covering the distance too with her! Luckily, I had a bagel-wich breakfast before the walk to power me through. Cinnamon raisin bagel with cheese and paprika ham = yummy start to the day!

The Molly. During the walk and mustering her pitiful look again. 🙂

It was a great start to the weekend. Quiet, lovely and cheerful.

How has your Saturday been so far? Any grand plans for the weekend?

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