So. I’m officially old. 🙂

But still, there was lots of loving by different people on my birthday! The celebrations kickstarted yesterday at the parentals and I got my favourite kind of cake! A “kueh” cake! (or rather asian pie cake). My parents gave me a whole box of assorted “kuehs” which was decimated at breakfast today.


Then the surprise of surprises ensued with this:

(picture taken after it was plugged in at my place!)

It’s a robotic vacuum cleaner! That my two brothers got for me- it was a huge surprise since I only mentioned as a joke that I would like a robot vacuum cleaner as a gift when they asked. Didn’t expect them to really get it! 🙂

And so you know you are over the hill when you want gifts that are domestic in nature to help you do housework more efficiently. The Hubs had a great time putting it together and ordering the robot around and bidding it to do his command. (although it only responds to a remote).

Then it was celebrations with some friends. Good food, good company and good laughs to kickstart birthday celebrations. The cake & gift was totally unexpected so it was really a wonderful and thoughtful surprise! 🙂


Lov’in the jazzy gifts! 🙂


Today started off with this:


A 6.37k walk with the Molly to the Botanical Gardens and back! (yes, it now takes twice as long to cover the same distance since the Mollster can’t run).The Hubs was still feeling a bit under the weather and so while he slept in to recuperate, this happened:

The walk that started off with a beautiful sky.





It was a quiet walk, there weren’t many people on the roads on a Sunday which was a nice change. I always like to think of the Gardens as the local version of a dog park-so much space, so much greenery for the four legged friends to prance about.




Then I enjoyed what was left of the morning by chilling on the couch.


A lot of rest ensued and the Hubs brought me to do some grocery shopping.

Later in the afternoon, I felt a need to bake. So some cornbread resulted.


Put in some leftover ham I had into the remaining dough and stirred in some mozzarella cheese and mixed vegetables and a batch of savoury cornbread muffins were created.


We wanted to go out for dinner but after watching a food show on the food channel that featured Chicken Rice, the Hubs & I decided to get that for dinner instead!



IMG_3755And before the night was over, the Hubs surprised me with a bouquet of flowers! It was sweet of the Hubs to be so romantic even though he was feeling a little ill. 🙂


Even though it was a little low key, but I’m really thankful for the people I spent it with and for the well wishes and gifts that came my way! 🙂

How do you usually celebrate your birthdays?