Workouts of the Week:

Mon-Combat & PT

Tues-2k run with the Molly

Wed-Combat & PT

Thurs-Long Walk with the Molly

Fri-Long Walk & Run with the Molly

Before I go on, the PT sessions are getting grusome! What I did for one of the sessions:

3X20 Chest Presses

3X 40 Leg Presses

3X2 mins Asssisted Chin Up

2X50 lunges

3X 30 Squats With Weights

3X30 Jump Ups

Upside Down Half Bosu Ball Squats (3X20)

Grusome I say!

On the Molly front, we discovered that we could run with her. But the drawback was that for the rest of the week, she walked slower on her walks. We think this is a front cause she can do spurts of sprinting with the right motivtion (ie: food and positive sounds). The below is the Hub’s favourite way of teasing Molly by making her do embarrassing poses. 🙂  I know, we are such horrid people. 🙂

I used to think that I was a spontaenous and free-spirited, but as the Hubs like to constantly remind me that my innate personality is one that loves routine and things to be in order. And as I grew older and having to work and live on my own and also take care of the Hubs, I find that routine and lists calm me. So my usual morning routine:

5.30am-Wake up, make breakfast

6.00am-Wake the Hubs up

6.40am-Leave for gym or go for run. Nowadays it’s take Molly out for walks & short runs.

7.40am-Get ready for work.

6.20pm-Home from work. Make dinner

6.45pm-Bring the Molly out for walk


It won’t be surprising if I told ya that I do have lists at work and I love ticking off the completed items!

On the work front, my motto has been one of sustainability. I found this and I thought it was so meaningful. Adapted paragraph below:

"In life we must have things that sustain us like love, family, art, yoga, running, volunteer work…whatever it is that allows you to feel gratitiude, love and kindness towards the world and happy with the way you feel on the inside…So sometimes, you just have to stop pushing and stop trying so hard so that you can focus on the people, things and experiences that sustain you.

It’s hard when you are of the mentality of give, give, give and go, go, go but no one can function in that threshold and stay sane for extended amounts of time We do it when we have to and we rest when we can."

The past few months I have been feeling a little less enthused about work because it seems like the value and emphasis is placed on novelty rather than quality. If you have watched the comedy drama Episodes (starring Matt Le Blac), there is a character named Merc who is the director of a production house and he is impressed by new fangled things and loses interest easily if he is not impressed constantly. I found this chilling similarity to how the management works at my workplace and the idea of turning tricks to be in the limelight is not sustainable for me. This is reality for ya.

Some Eats Of Da Week:

Stirfry of Bean sprouts with bell peppers, tomatoes, minced pork and egg

I had leftover roast chicken; so I shredded the chicken, added in a can of crab meat, diced up some bell peppers and threw in some chick peas and mayo and voila! chicken crab meat salad. 🙂

Are you a list person?

What do you do to maintain sustainability in your life?

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