Updates From The Week!

This week has been a hazy blurry week, literally, due to the haze situation from the neighbouring third world country who has no idea how fire should be used. Do not be mistaken by the foggy pictures–we are not experiencing winter unfortunately, it‘ the haze. 

I can see the sun even at 8.30am in the morning!

I can see the sun even at 8.30am in the morning!










It's not the smog, it's the fog

It’s not the smog, it’s the fog









Luckily for us, we managed to spend quality time with our nieces a few days before all this foggy madness set in! We were surrogate parents for a day, bringing them to the Science Center, taking them to the ice cream parlour and taking them to lunch and dinner! It was a full day of fun with the young kiddos and we really loved playing the doting aunt and uncle. 🙂  The playground has not seen so much fun before they came. And I must say for those parents who bring two or more kids out on their own , without their other half, are really superhumans! 

The hubs with the kiddos at a craft session in the Science Center.

The hubs with the kiddos at a craft session in the Science Center.













Getting all arty and crafty! :)

Getting all arty and crafty! 🙂












It’s impossible to run outside recently so there has been a lot of indoor strength training the past few days. Some muscles were killed and my trainer seemed pleased about it. Also he hasn’t given up on the inverted bosu ball lunges.  In fact on Friday, I was too tired to go work out in the morning because I was trying to get out of my tough workouts-but the Hubs inspired me to go work out in the evening because he thought I was getting too grumpy for my own good. And I must say that did work out well for me. 

Some eats of the week:

My own version of egg mcmuffin!

My own version of egg mcmuffin!










My mum gave us some duck that she had, and with some dark soya sauce and salted black beans, I tore up the duck into pieces and fried them together. And they go really well with porridge!

Duck Porridge!

Duck Porridge!










On the work front, I’m taking things as they are. Some people have mentioned that the reason why folks in third world countries are much happier is because they do things in their own way that require the least amount of pain. Looks like I have to start adopting that as my motto! What cheered up my working week was the Hubs preparing  Sukiyaki one evening! Nothing beats coming back home with dinner ready!


Sukiyaki made by the Hubs











Japanese rice to go along with the soup!










Happenings on the Molly front:

Looks like the Molly is scared of cats! She gives them a wide berth and observes them from a safe point. Who’s the scaredy cat here? Looks like the cats in the ‘hood are not to be messed with! They got all the dogs walking on tiptoes around them, literally 🙂

Molly is afraid of cats

Molly is afraid of cats










The pepertrator

The pepertrator










This week has been much of a blur, literally, because of the haze. Some new things I’m thinking of doing:

1) Growing my hair long

2) Looking for a blogging platform to use on the Mac. [wordpress always messes around with the formatting]

3) Being a more positive person – for some reason I’ve been rather cranky and impatient lately 🙂 

4) Starting on my running schedule next week (indoors of course). I’ve been taking a break because I was feeling a bit bored but I think I’m ready to get back on with running. 


How has your week been so far? Do you have any new goals? 


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