The Man & His Dog

Testing my new blogging editor-Qumana. It’s the only free blogging editor for Mac so let’s see how this works out. So far pros of Qumana:

1) It’s free

2) It’s the closest thing to WordPress

3) It’s easy to use

4) There are more fonts available.


1) The pictures take some time to upload and to be edited.

I thought I should dedicate this post in pictures to the Hubs who has been so patient and has been teaching me new stuff about training Molly everyday! I’m learning a lot about being patient and consistent- and it’s just unbelievable that the Hubs is so amazingly patient and calm.

As the Hubs has always wanted a dog, it is really quite sweet to see him teaching the Molly new tricks. Although I have taught the Molly to do new things on the walk, it’s always the Hubs who finds ways to train the Molly.  For instance:

The Sit & Stay

The Hubs enjoying the Sit & Stay on the walk

The Down-Training over several days & still on going.


Down…down…& Sit!

Down… stay!

Me & My Pal

Being with the Hubs has brought a myraid of new experiences and has taught me to be positive about changes. Especially like using a new blogging editor on a new platform (the Mac). What’s next? 🙂

What new experiences have you gone through recently?

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