Just Because

Finished a tiring day of work today and man am I bushed! I’m real glad its over and I had the tenacity to see through the very arduous programme! 🙂 I feel pooped like the Molly now–except that she would like to retain her privacy even when at rest.

Was quite beat when I got back but I took the Molly for a short romp in the park and along my old running route. She can run fast…for about 30m before she starts wheezing like a arthritic and asthmatic old man on his last legs.


The Hubs is out on a wedding dinner—lucky guy! And I’m propped on the armchair chilling and having dinner in front of the telly. And just because those were the only things left in the fridge…some bean sprouts, spinach and fried anchovies with peanuts.

Picture 118

Just because my mom’s home made dumplings are da bomb- I had 3 of them last night and 2 this morning. Dumpling overload! 🙂

It’s Father’s Day today and a big shout out to my dad who has been so integral in being a role model—(showing us the importance of family and fillal piety through his actions) and for giving me wonderful advice. Also for telling us wonderful stories during bedtime when we were kids and teaching us how to swim and cycle! 🙂 

Picture 115

Just because a wedding is held in the void deck doesn’t mean it can’t be a grand one (as attested from the 2 day wedding that just ended this evening). It really brings some colour and a feeling of festivity to the ‘hood! 🙂 Also, as a huge curry lover myself, the smell of curry constantly wafting up from the wedding was unbelievably tempting! Only social norms stopped me from going to ask for a plate of curry from them! 🙂

Picture 116

Picture 117

Just because I got through today and I don’t feel like one of the cast members from the walking dead; I will go celebrate my quiet evening with my trusty cup of iced ribena and some cookies! [diet of an eight year old kid] 🙂 Also so glad for my friends for messaging me humorous stuff to help me get through the long day! Nites all!


How was your Sunday?

Any fond memories of your dad?


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