Courage & Decisions

It’s Saturday night and I’m watching the Glee-athon on telly. I’ve never been a huge Glee fan but the last 3 episodes that I’ve been watching changed my mind! The singing is ah-mazing and the plot quite inspirational and touching.

Looks like I’m not the only one enjoying the music. Molly fell asleep to the singing!

Picture 114

Today was a day of nice surprises. We went for a walk to the riverside and roughly covered around 10-12km with the Molly. It was good quality time spent catching up on conversations in spite of the hot weather!

(At one of the pit stops below).

Picture 113 \\

Picture 112

We managed to catch our friends on their walk and caught up with our godson as well!

Well even more amazingly surprising happened before our walk. Our neighbour who was moving out, gave us a bicycle as a goodbye gift. We were totally taken aback and greatly astounded. We will definitely miss him and his cute daughter but this was too generous. Anyhow, seeing that we both have bikes of our own, we’d definitely give it away-passing on the good stuff!

Picture 111

The later part of the day was spent at the parentals and I always feel so loved being spoilt by good food and also good advice. And I’m so reminded to be thankful for what I have at the moment.

This reiterated what happened at the meetup with my friends from my old workplace the other day. Most of us have left the teaching profession and have embarked on very different things since then. I couldn’t help but feel greatly inspired by what the others are doing. One is a pastor and has even learnt Hebrew and Greek as part of her coursework and is currently embarking on a Masters degree in counselling. 2 other friends are also doing furthur studies and one is working in a hospital as an executive. One has also made a recent change in career.

I’m so humbled by their stories! I have been in two minds whether to take on a Masters degree and has been so undecided about it. Hearing about their experiences has helped me to be braver and be more receptive to changes because they juggle so much and work so hard. They definitely personify the fact that with hard work, positivity and kindness, anything is possible. I thought back to my teaching days and am really amazed that there was a point in my life in which I worked so hard and gave so much! Thank goodness for these kindred spirits! 🙂 They are really the best teachers around-it’s a pity most of them have left. 

There will always be changes and they may not always seem like good changes and they may seem like a lot of hard work. But courage and positivity will always help those changes have great endings!

Have you had any wonderful surprises happen to you lately?

What was the most courageous decision you have made?


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