Some Things…

Today’s workout was a killer. My trainer upped the weights used and the reps so the chest presses, lunges and chinups were tooough! Even though I didn’t break a sweat, (since its strength training), I felt winded!

Some exercises done:

3 sets chest press

3 sets leg press

3 sets incline bench press

2 sets 30 lunges on each leg

2 sets chinups

3 sets TRX pull up exercises

Boy am I pooped!

The other night, we went out for dinner at Fosters-the place where it was located was nice-the sidewalk was repaved and the big trees provided some grandeur to the place and there were kids and parents blowing bubbles on the field. We chatted for a bit outside before going in to dinner—but the food is rather meh and didn’t leave much of an impression. Guess we won’t be going back there again.

Picture 092

Last week was a bit hectic and so am really welcoming the short break I took from work these two days to catch up on rest, family and doing what I want to do without the shackles of work. 🙂  Work will continue to be hectic the later part of the week but we’d think about this another day, another time. Lately, I’m not feeling the groove for work so much, hopefully after a day or two of rest, I will be alright!

Came across this the other day

“Your opinions are valuable and it’s important that you have them, about all kinds of stuff. But having an opinion means being responsible for understanding it: where that opinion came from, what influenced it, and how much of it is based on what you yourself have learned about the world vs what parents and pundits are shouting at you.”


This resonated with me because in my daily interactions with locals, I find that most of them are afraid to give an opinion- a concrete, constructive view of anything at all. I just find it queer that most folks are afraid of thinking independently and what they voice is a view parroted by somebody else and which is deemed as a “safe” opinion. That said, it doesn’t mean that someone has to be opinionated, it just means that whatever choices one make, it should be based on one’s opinions and views, and not what the neighbour or relative said.

Adventures with Molly:

Molly has covered many places in the neighbourhood and can walk really well. Right now the Hubs is working on training her well and also reconditioning her out of some bad habits like pulling her dog bed out of the crate (pic below) and we are making progress everyday. We did some basic obstacle/circuit training with her as well:ie-jump over obstacles and go on top of a short post.

Picture 108

Mollly in her play pen-surrounded by some weights so that the pen doesn’t tip over.

Picture 100

The Hubs and the Molly watching tv.

Picture 098

The Molly looking quizzically at what is happening above her.

Picture 096

The Molly looking very serious in lap.

Picture 109

Also introducing the Molly’s favourite toys, Ollie the Octopus and Mrs Cow.

Picture 097

Yesterday there was time for a home cooked meal, so this ensued:

Mini bell pepper salad with cucumbers, lettuce, butter beans and black beans with sesame dressing!

Picture 106

Cold soba noodles with some seafood and store bought salmon below!

Picture 105

Picture 104

Loving these at the moment:

Cheese and bacon mini cookies!

Picture 099

And sunny windy days! Especially the days when the Hubs is on summer break and we can just take things slow and easy at home without rushing to be somewhere or rushing to finish work! Usually we will be on a summer vacation around this time, but this year, we were too laid back to go anywhere else—which means more time for home DIY stuff!

Picture 101

Do you passively take opinions or are you rather opinionated?  🙂

Do you have an annual vacation to a foreign land?



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