Saturday Doings

Waah….my PT session today was a real leg shredder. Besides doing squats, jumps, lunges and lots of other leg work, I had to balance on a bosu ball (the wrong side up) and do lunges and toss a basketball to the trainer. (like the below picture).

Thing is I have to get over the fear of putting my other leg up and thinking the ball will tip over. So every time I step on it, or get off it, I have a super dramatic fearful expression that the other trainers and my own trainer find amusing. it is a very real fear! 🙂  But one step at a time, I can now balance on the ball, I just need to be more confident of getting on and off it!
sports - exercise - balance 1 BOSU ball






My legs were also shredded because of a 8K plus walk today to the Botanical Gardens with Molly and the Hubs! Instead of running, there is more walking done now!
Picture 060










Us at the start of the walk & frequent rest breaks for the Molly not to be too exhausted.

Picture 072







At the park:

Picture 085










Picture 062











There were lots of activities at the park! There was a modelling shot going on-

Picture 065








And there was a family day outing for some company going on.
Picture 064








It was a long walk! Thank goodness my peanut butter on cinnamon raisin toast kept me going for some time!

Picture 071








Tonight’s dinner after the workout was a chicken patty on a bed of veggies and some mini bell peppers! Warm days make me want to have more vegs! 
Picture 089










The Molly is pooped from the long walk. She is snoring away. I’m pooped too-but there are some chores to be done.

Some things to be thankful for today in spite of the coming busy day tomorrow.
-That the Hubs has been so great in helping around the house now that he is on summer break! Also, he remembers the small things like putting my remaining breakfast coffee in the fridge on days when I’m at home because he knows that I like cold coffee later on in the day! Yay for small things!
Gonna catch up on sitcoms and finish doing the laundry!

What are your feelings towards doing workouts on the reverse bosu ball? 
Anything to be thankful for today?


2 thoughts on “Saturday Doings

  1. Heee yah she is real tiny..esp so when she meets other normal sized dogs and we see the big difference! Her full size will be the size of a big cat so not v big… unless she gets real obese haha. She can sit beside us on walks and at home…we have been working on the sit command haha… she’s young so can learn quite fast and she can now climb up and down the stairs! (She was quite afraid of them last wk!-too high) 🙂

  2. Ooohh, Molly is so tiny and cute (esp when juxtaposed with Leo. Haha)
    Is this her full size, or is she really young?

    She’s actually sitting alongside you in the photo, like she’s been trained!

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