Life With Molly

Happy Friday all!

Today marks the 2nd week with Molly and some progress has been made. She can sit very still when its meal time and she can walk for very long distance (although she will sleep for some time after that). Her being with us really means that we have to be in the moment-there can’t be any emotions associated with past history and experiences and there can’t be any “what-ifs”. Everything happens in the present and if need be, be corrected in the present. ย 

Life hasn’t changed much for us except that we now go on more walks (in the mornings or evenings, most of the time, both) and we get to know people more. Of course, sometimes I freak out at the immensity of it all but I have to always remember to be calm and be in the present.


Working out helps a lot too-this week’s PT sessions have been gruelling and intense (in a good way) but they were very much needed.

Workouts this week included:

-Mon-Body combat & PT

-Tues (2 long walks)

-Wed-Body combat

-Thurs-(2 long walks)



Little Miss Molly resting.


Date night happened with the Hubs at Chilli’s this week!-with our fav comfort foods and margaritas.



Happy campers. After a somewhat long day having had to travel around a bit for work.



Words of wisdom from a sporting house ad.


Funnily, before getting off work (8.20pm!), we met with a really unpleasant guy who was being difficult and was being really unreasonable. The very ironic thing is he used to stay at where I used to live and he was actually involved in a national scandal. Well! Seems like these funny characters all have something going weirdly wrong in their life. I was so tempted to remind him of his “interesting past” but I couldn’t work it into the conversation and also, it is professionally and also morally very unkind-even though revenge fantasies just seem so great ย ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

I would like to think that I have come a long way and matured quite a fair bit because he didn’t bother me or made me hopping mad. My mind was actually drifting and thinking about dinner and trying to avoid his very bad breath instead of getting riled up by his endless complaints. ๐Ÿ™‚

How was your Friday?

Ever met unpleasant people? How do you deal with them? ๐Ÿ™‚


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