Monday Inspiration

Howdy! Hope everyone is a having a good start to the week!

After what seemed like a rather uninspiring last week; this morning proved to be quite different. Firstly, I tried a new breakfast: overnight oats! The last time I tried it, I wasn’t too impressed but I came over a recipe that seemed tasty and it was a refreshing and filling breakfast!

Picture 056

Basic ingredients

-rolled oats (3/4 cup)


-yogurt (any flavour, I used greek)

-honey (i used a few drops of maple syrup)

Add everything to a cup or bowl, stir it well and refrigerate it overnight. You can top it with anything you want-I topped mine with cranberries, cereal topping (nuts) and a dollop of coconut peanut butter.

The great thing is you can switch it up so easily by changing the toppings or the base ingredients-plus it’s a great wake up breakfast especially on hot summer days like today!

View from the bridge before I hit the gym!

Picture 057

Trying to look awake before my workout!

Picture 058

I found inspiration this morning in the gym when I was chatting to a fellow gym mate while waiting for a class to commence and I found out that she gets up at 4.30am! I thought my 5.30am wakeup time was early but this is a working mother and she gets up way earlier than I do and has so much energy for working out in the morning! I’m really awed by her and I’m convinced there is no excuse to be languorous and torpid about life!

The other inspiration was the last song used in the new release of body combat. I came across the video some time back and it brought back a wave of feelings of possibility. The story in the video is really quite moving too.

Also, the PT session after the combat class drained any remaining self doubt in my system so all’s good.

Some tips on making the week a good one!

Be positive- A positive mindset really changes the course of one’s actions and attitude!

Focus on what you can do-Instead of dwelling on what can’t be done, focus on the moment. Focusing really helped in doing beyond what your body and mind can especially during strength training.

Don’t Quit-Pushing through tough times will really open up possibilities!

Appreciate the moment-Appreciating one’s health, environment, and the NOW will really put things in perspective and be thankful for what we have and are able to do.

Set new Goals-Sometimes, we face plateaus at work or find that things have become mundane, so setting new goals and challenges will be a refreshing motivator!

Have you found any inspiration lately? (be it at work, home or during your workouts?)

Homework! – Find some positivity in your day today and do what you can to have a good day!


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