Date Night & Other Doings

Last night was date night! It’s the hubs summer hol break and the chores were all done, so date night was a must! After an afternoon of attending a first-communion, lunch with the in-laws, household chores ensued. It feels great to have a nicely mopped floor feel on the feet.

We went to a nice joint at Rochester Mall for an indulgent dinner!

Picture 049

Picture 053

Fish and Chips for the Hubs!

Picture 051

Steak sandwich for me! Loved the brown rice and lentil salad (not pictured properly) and the wildrocket-bacon-corn salad that came as sides! Am inspired to re-create the brown rice and lentil salad. Never thought that the rice could pair so well with lentils served cold.

Picture 050

We passed a Starbucks situated in a black and white bungalow. Really rustic looking; yet there is such a bespoke air about it.

Picture 048

The morning before was a breakfast date as well. Some decadent dim sum was on the list!

Picture 041

Picture 042

Some recent eats I made:

Nori-wrap for dinner during the week.

It’s interesting and light on the palette! All one needs to do is to add in the desired ingredients and wrap it up!

I used lettuce, luncheon meat, cucumber, scrambled eggs and spinach in mine! The hubs added a dollop of mayonnaise in his and it was delish! This is definitely a tastier switch to using tortilla wraps for rolls!

Picture 043

Obviously, someone needs help in wrapping her roll properly!

Picture 044

Asian rice noodles with vegs and a chicken sausage and two chive dumplings (that I got on sale—sometimes frozen snacks are great as appetizers!)

Picture 040

I’m looking forward to more varied dinners this week, although I know the nori-wrap is on my repeat list!

Any switchups you made to your meals lately?


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