Weekend Doings

Some scenes from the weekend:

Dim sum after gym on Saturday featuring a special dish: Prawn & Banana roll wrapped in “dragon beard” (fried rice vermicelli I think). Verdict: Hit! The banana and prawn combo was great!Ā 











Me and all the food!

Sweaty Me and all the food!










Coffee in an old fashion coffeeshop after walking around Chinatown and pretending like we were tourists. Verdict: A Hit! The coffee was smooth and buttery and we bought two packets of coffee beans from the joint! Looking forward to morning coffee!













The coffeeshop

The coffeeshop












Saturday evening was spent meeting friends at a park and bringing the Molly along to meet them. Verdict: A Hit! Love catching up with friends and my godson and how else to spend good weather after days of haze? Outdoors of course! But the Molly was trying her darndest to be tired and so on the way to the park, many of these stunts were pulled:

Look at me! I'm tired! I can't walk anymore!

Look at me! I’m tired! I can’t walk anymore!












Also, on the way to the park, we met the biggest and most mellow dog ever:

Giant of a dog?










Saturday night was spent watching some telly and resting and the Hubs bought back some fries from an ice cream joint for me: Verdict: A Hit! I always love his mystery bag treats! šŸ™‚Ā 

Treat in a bag!

Treat in a bag!













Some of the fries were eaten as a snack today (Sunday) together with some leftover yogurt and some hazel nuts after doing a truckload of housework: Verdict: Nay for the housework although I love a clean floor and empty laundry basket. But yay for the wonderful albeit very unhealthy mid afternoon snack! It’s a really weird combination-(and strangely the cold fries were really nice)- but hey it’s me-I’m like a goat when it comes to food. Anyway, doing the housework took some out of me. Was quite pooped but satisfied after that. šŸ™‚

What a treat!

What a treat!










Am loving this at the moment: I had a mug of it with my dinner on Saturday night and I felt like an eight year old all over again. Seems like I really had great memories of my childhood!

Got (chocolate)milk?












On the way to the supermarket this evening, there was an event going on at the mall and of course I had to take a picture with the mascot. Inexplicable reason but I’ve always been in awe and been very excitable around mascots!











And to top off the Sunday evening before school begins for the Hubs and work begins for me tomorrow, we had a pick me up! Verdict: Really smooth and great! (the beer, not the Hubs in the background) šŸ™‚












The house’s clean and stuff’sĀ organised–the only drawback is Qumana failed me today and I had to use wordpress. Let’s see if this can be solved!Ā 

Leaving all of you with a pic of the Molly sitting intensely:













Any hits from your weekend?Ā