Achieving Balance

Just finished cleaning the house and it feels great! The weather is a bit blustery so its good to be chilling out at home with coffee and an afternoon snack of trail mix and cheese puffs.

Picture 043

Picture 046

The last few days have been a period of adjusting and trying out a new schedule-basically adapting to changes.

There are some moments in married life where there are lots of learning points and this is one big project where it involves both of us working very closely together. The Hubs has always wanted a pug so since there is no good time to embark on any changes; we are glad to say that we have been the owners of a pug.

Picture 044

Of course this involves some changes and I for one is not a big fan of changes and this I must say is somewhat pushing me out of my comfort zone but we have been working together as a team and although it has only been 5 days, we have brought her out for long walks and we are in the middle of housebreaking her using a play pen and a crate. The old me would have probably been edgy about it but it’s a learning journey for me as I take on the calm assertive role as the co-owner of a pug. I’m learning that there is no perfect timing for changes and that changes don’t equate to chaos. Balance can be achieved-it’s only how we want it to be and whether we can be calm and assertive about the changes in our lives.

The Hubs has been great in this whole thing and one can only see the giving and taking side when there are changes and when there is something new in married life.

Workouts this week has been limited due to my ginormous cold but Friday’s PT actually helped my cold to become much better! Other than that, it has been a week of achieving a balance between rest and working out.

Some Eats this week:

Wrap-sody Dinner with homefries and minced meat, ham and veg fillings.

Picture 036

Picture 037


Picture 038

Egglicious breakfast with luncheon meat and cinnamon raisin toast for the Hubs and I (before heading off to work on a Saturday)

Picture 045

Rice roll with mushroom and spinach was on the menu for dinner on saturday.

Picture 041

Together with a fish-nugget salad.

Picture 042

So whilst there are changes in life everyday, it is important to always be achieving a balance be it with family, friends, with one’s health, or with maintaining a open mind of living in the daily moment.

(Picture taken before going on a morning walk with a friend last week.)

Picture 024

Have a balanced week ahead all! 🙂

How do you achieve a balance in life?

Can you embrace changes with a positive outlook?


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