Triple Tangent Thursday & A New Roomie

Whaddya know; it’s nearing the end of the week and there’s plenty to be glad about!

Who can be crotchety when faced with such a beaut of a day? [Taken yesterday whilst going for my morning workout].


I could start work later today since I will be staying late for a program tonight so in spite of the drizzly morning (which was a welcome change!), I managed to get my butt out for a morning combat class and it was well worth it!(Yesterday’s PT was a killer too-so I’m really surprised at myself for being able to make it for class today!)

Some workout music that I’m lovin’.

Don’t Feel Like Love – Hixxy

For A Lifetime (Breeze Mix) – Adam Harris feat. Taya

Written In The Stars (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born

Blade (Re Con Remix) – Ali Payami vs. Aquagen & Warp Brothers

After class,I felt a tad hungry so I went back and made myself this: black eyed pea salad with minced meat and cranberries, pea sprouts and mixed peas. Super random but super delish! And there were some left overs that the Hubs can have as a snack when he comes back later on.


Triple Tangent Thursday calls for three kinds of random info.

But before that-recently I had to tell off people when at work-not colleagues-but some people. And I felt real bad-(even though they were very clearly in the wrong and needed to be told so). I think its mainly because the aforementioned people are a tad underprivileged and I just feel bad for having to tell them off  in spite of that. So many moral dilemmas at work! Arrrgh! 

But back to Triple Tangent Thursday

Tangent 1

We  had a burger feast at Chilli’s last night! Okay, they were just actually sliders but I was looking forward to those babies the whole day!



Tangent 2:

Loving these products recently!

My Contigo bottle that keeps beverages cold for 12 hrs! This has been so useful especially during these few days when I’m chugging iced water, coffee and tea because the weather is It does a pretty decent job of keeping hot drinks that way for 4hrs. Which is not too bad at all.


Also, am super loving the lip balm/gloss by Smith’s. It doesn’t have that sticky nauseating taste like some other brands and it feels quite light on the lips!


Tangent 3:

We are taking life by the balls and embarking on a new adventure! Since there are no news on the baby front yet, we are fulfilling one of my Hub’s childhood dream. We will have a new roomie by the name of Molly come next Thursday. And no, we did not ask Molly Ringwald to be our new roomie.  (if only!)  I guess there is never a perfect time to embark on things in life and so we will take life by the balls and ride on its tailcoats!

[Also very frankly, I’m tired of waiting for things to happen on their own. And also very peeved and slightly annoyed by babytalk, which people somehow inevitably use a sympathetic/encouraging/over the top cheery tone when talking about it.  It is so strange when they jolly well know that we can’t possibly ask the stork to just bring us babies!] 🙂

And this is Molly. (sans finger)


Let’s see where this takes us!

Any moral dilemmas that you face at work or in your daily interactions with people?


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