Week Recap!

Workouts So Far This Week:

Mon-Body Combat

Tues (today!)-5k run with the Hubs

Upcoming Workouts

Wed-Body Combat & PT

Thurs-Body Combat



The weather is hot, hot & hot! The air was quite still when we went for a run-but it was really fun! It’s real nice to catch up with each other’s day over a nice run and it always helps us to get a better night’s sleep.

I’m real glad that the crazy hours are over for me starting this week. The last two weeks were arduous and I was just thankful that I didn’t fall ill over the last two weeks-the combination of long hours and inadequate rest could have been catastrophic! I was really glad to have had the Sunday to myself and finally spend some quality time with the family! It’s always comforting to know that no matter how taxing the week is, you can go to the family and they will make everything seem okay.  🙂

Somehow this week I find myself doing a lot of things in an auto-pilot mode—I am not too sure where my interest lies and what will get my work mojo going. I think me feeling a bit uncertain is also partly due to some personal disappointments recently. Well! The upcoming workouts will definitely iron out some kinks I’m sure!

Eats Of The Week!

Last week, I managed to come up with dinner during my ‘get off work at a decent hour’ day. So I made Japanese adzuki rice with some Chinese ham.

Picture 173

Pan fried some fish cooked with butter in a pan.

Picture 174

Tossed up some Alexia’s sweet potato balls in a pan

Picture 175

Stir fried some vegetables (cabbage & zucchini) with sesame oil.

Picture 177

Voila! End result below:

Picture 190

Sunday marked a visit to an old haunt-Chinatown market! Where we had rice rolls with mushrooms

Picture 182

Rice ball with preserved radish bits

Picture 184

And porridge!

Picture 185

Dinner tonight was chow mein-noodles with vegetables & shrimps & some anchovies.

Picture 187

And since it was so hot, we had to have sorbet with some mangoes for dessert!

Picture 189

After dinner tonight, we took a little jaunt to the supermarket and found some jelly that we will freeze as ice pops for tomorrow! The bed is beckoning to me now and I think I will go for a good night’s sleep. Have a great week ahead all!


Ever felt a tad lost and unsure about where you might be heading? How do you deal with that?  For me I realize that I can’t plan my life to a T, and things don’t always go the way I need them to be-so I have to be in the moment and be present in daily life.

What are your  hot weather workouts this week?


One thought on “Week Recap!

  1. Even with micro planning, things may not head in the intended way. Then let it flow forward naturally & continue to enjoy the surprise scenery 🙂

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