Happy Hump Day!

And so mid week is here! Happy Hump Day everybody!  Tonight marks the last night that I have to stay back late at work and I’m so so so very glad. Usually I don’t mind but I have gone without a rest day for 2 weeks now and I can feel the crankiness creeping out of me. I feel like going around saying Arwargh to everyone I meet like a bad ass pirate. 🙂

The good thing about working late into the evening is that I get a lot of work and a lot of things done. The not so good thing is that I feel really sleeeepy. Anyone has any ideas on how to look fresh eyed and bushy tailed at 8plus in the evening? 

Went for my 2nd PT session of the week today. Had some energy boosting food before I went for the crazy awesome sauce arm and leg strength training. I told my PT instructor that these workouts are the best thing to happen to me for the whole day. I don’t think there’s a real science-y explanation for this, but I feel so much calmer after doing some strength training. Hubs says that it’s the focus required.

Workout Of The Day:

-Leg Press(3 x 50)

-Side Lateral Raise (3×30)

-Shoulder Press (3 x 3o)

-Lots of lunges and squats

-Abductor Outer Thigh Machine workout (3 sets of god knows how much- I lost count.)  🙂

-Rowing Machine Workout.


It felt too hot to eat breakfast so added some coconut peanut butter and some organic nut mix into my yogurt. It lasted me through the workout! 


I managed to scrounge time to make dinner when I came back from my workout and before I went to work. My own version of “Jambalaya”. Purple rice with meat, sprouts, shrimp, spinach and mushrooms. 



Also, I grilled some roasted pork loin that my mum gave me a few days back. There! Dinner is settled for the Hubs tonight.


On another note, I went to this nice cafe near my workplace for my dinner the other night when I was stuck at work late. Had a flat white and a roast chicken sandwich whilst reading some blogs. It was a tad pricey but the nice ambience and tasty food makes up for it. Yes, I had dinner that early because I had to get back to work on something. 

Have been listening to some national radio show to keep me company (I’m all alone in the upstairs office!) and have you listened to teens recently? Why do they always sound so awkward?  I must say that I find it really hard to connect to teens-they seem so incomprehensible and they always look so impassive. I can’t tell if they are moody/happy/ironic/. So hard to read them! I wonder if we were like that when we were that age? 🙂


IMG_2552 IMG_2554 IMG_2559 IMG_2561

Unbelievable that work will end for me in half an hour. Can’t wait! 


How has your Wednesday been?

What is your favourite strength training exercise? 



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