Surprising Monday

Surprise, surprise! When I came into work today, the whole work system is down and so that means not being able to do anything remotely work related. Which is good and bad. Good because there is a legitimate excuse not to actually do work and bad because the work may subsequently pile up. But it’s a good reprieve because everyone’s (specifically me) so exhausted from pulling so much overtime at work.

So whilst waiting for the system to be okay, here’s a rundown of what happened on Sunday evening after I got back from work.

Napping happened a lot. Sporadic bouts of dozing off in front of the telly whilst watching Top Gear. 

In the evening, it was dinner with the in-laws at British Club.

Any British paraphernalia anyone? 


The restaurant’s highlight of the evening was an asparagus themed dinner. So for our appetizer me and the Hubs shared  white asparagus-topped with ham and poached egg  and a blue cheese dip.


And for dessert, I had asparagus ice cream! I really liked it, it was refreshing and unique.


The hubs had a lobster bisque soup with a puff pastry on top.


I had a lobster thermidor whilst the Hubs had a ribeye. 


The Hub’s juicy ribeye below.


My outfit for the night-Dress from Superdry.

IMG_2541 IMG_2545

Today, I could go into work later since I will be staying till 9pm-again! 

Before going for Body Combat, the sun was coming in quite nicely even though it was only 6.50am! So had to take some pictures of the nice morning light.

I was feeling super sleepy this morning but the body combat session (taken by a sub) was really good and revitalizing! Law of nature-workouts will always make one feel better & less sleepy. 🙂



The system is still not up. This may actually be the best day ever! 🙂

Okay oops spoke too soon-the system just got resuscitated!

How did you start your Monday morning?

Any occasions where you couldn’t do work at work?


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