Sunday Talk

It’s Sunday morning and I’m spending it differently 🙂
Had my breakfast at work this morning at 8.40am. I was supposed to get up at 6.30am to make breakfast and have a  leisurely transit into the day but I slept through the alarm and woke up alarmingly (pardon the pun!) at 7.40am! So this called for a hurriedly cooked breakfast of minced meat,spinach, peas and mushrooms which I took with me to work (together with a pack of saltine crackers).  I managed to have some quiet time to myself before the work all began and caught up on some blogs and blogging whilst having breakfast at my workstation! 
I attribute the sleeping through the alarm to the late nights i have been pulling at work- got home at 9plus for the past two nights and last night, we stayed up till 1am to chill but looks like I cannot do late nights anymore. 🙂
So glad to have been able to work out this week! Work has been a real ride this week but working out made everything seem alright and possible! The workouts left me feeling supremely pooped and extremely hungry-my PT instructor made me do a lot of crazy machine and cardio work and it was great! At one point, my instructor put his whole weight  on one side of the leg raiser machine! It was definitely good leg exercise. 
The view that makes me happy and thankful that I can get to work out: (crossing before the gym)
Looking a tad pooped after the workout.
On Friday, I was so hungry after the workout that this happened: Cinnamon Raisin Toast with eggplant dip, scrambled egg and half a chicken sausage, with spinach and zucchini. This helped me last for a long while at work before I felt starved again! 🙂
Since I have been focusing so much on strength training the past few weeks, it’s time to get back on the running wagon!
Hal Hidgon’s Traning Program! Let’s hope the hot hot weather passes so that I can take my runs out on the road again!
On one of the rare days I got home early last week, the Hubs and I went out for dinner and we saw this Japanese Children’s Day mini funfair in the mall! Looked really fun!IMG_2505
I’m hoping I will survive the coming long week ahead of me. I may be starting to develop eye bags 🙂
Here’s something for everyone for your upcoming week! -because every present moment of the day is something you can be in control of and be thankful for. 
Happy Sunday all!
Any favourite machine you use at the gym?I have been trying the elliptical and it seems more interesting than the treadmill!
Any interesting plans for the Sunday? 


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