All In A Day’s Work

Hope everybody’s having a good week. Today marks the third day of working hard and working long. It’s a really busy time at work with a lot of new launches and changes and the past two days have been spent prepping for those. Today was alright, I have been at work since 7.45am (for the past few days) and I’m beat. Really really beat. It’s a sign of getting older I say! 🙂

But I’m thankful for today and the past few days. Thankful that I have supportive colleagues, that people have been understanding and nice today and for a really supportive family! Things really seem better with perspective. So even if the day is physically tiring and mentally trying, I’m just grateful for all the moments that went well.

Anyhows,a friend introduced this Harvest app which is a series of talks given by Pastor Greg Laurie which is really inspirational. Even though it is Christanity based-but the things that are covered extends to beyond Christanity and gives quite good perspectives on life and the issues that we sometimes face at work and at home. I listened to some of it on the way to work and it helped me reduce my grumpiness. 🙂

Picture 171

Workouts from Tues to today took a back seat; will be back on the wagon soon!

Some breakfasts this week:

Yogurt with coconut peanut butter and some nut mix! It’s my first time putting peanut butter on yogurt, and I’m hooked!

Picture 163

Some ham and cheese bread and half of a pork floss bun.—Hubs saw that I was really quite tired out one day and he brought back buns for breakfast!

Picture 166

One morning I was feeling in an eggy sort of mood so I had scrambled eggs with spinach, some ham and a slice of fruit & nut bread. This kept me energetic till the late afternoon!

Picture 167

I could only manage to cook one home cooked meal this week-which was a potato, carrots, zucchini, spinach and bacon stirfry, together with tofu stuffed fish meat soup.

Picture 164

Picture 165

And the Hubs surprised me last night with a Sukiyaki dish! (with sliced apples to make the soup sweeter). That was really good after a long day at work.

Picture 168

Served with Japanese rice!

Picture 170

We discovered a light Taiwanese fruit beer which was great for a hot evening!

Picture 169

I still have 11 days of long work hours to go. Will definitely be fitting in some workouts and healthy meals.

I’m going to decompress by hanging out with the Hubs-to watch some telly and to analyze the effects of using  washing machine powder-(as the machine has been spewing some lint recently and the Hubs is on a determined mission to solve it). Let’s hope it works out. 🙂

Have a great Friday folks!

Have you tried adding peanut butter to yogurt? Yay or nay?

When is the earliest you have ever reached work?


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