Wednesday Thoughts

Hope everyone’s having a great Wednesday!

Took leave from work today because I don’t have any vacations planned in the near future and I need occasional breaks from work to keep my sanity and to rev me up for the busy month in June!

Workouts This Week:

Mon-Body Combat & PT

Wed-Body Combat & PT


Fri-Sundown 21k

My days for the last six days have started with morning walks with Molly & ended with evening walks with the Hubs and Molly. The walks have taken over the sedentary tv time at night so it’s a welcome change!

I was a bit distracted during the workouts today-(especially during combat-because the PT sessions just force me to focus crazy hard since strength training is so intense!). I guess its a combination of the changes that happened recently-at home and at work. Work wise, it seems that it will be more positive if I explore some options-but thing is I’m not too sure about embarking on those options. I know what I want from work and staff- but I’m not too sure about my own personal goal. There have been some moments this week when I want to really freak out (as in like the woman in The Scream painting)—but fortunately, the PT sessions have helped me to be better at focusing and breaking things up into manageable bits. As what my trainer likes to constantly remind me-that I can actually do a lot of things, its just that sometimes I tell myself that I can’t.

What I Felt Like:


What I Had To Tell Myself (when dealing with people):


The best thing to do is to trust in your own ability and what you can do. As what I have experienced, the power of mental messages and images are very powerful tools to either erode one’s confidence or build up supreme strength. There’s really nothing left but to form positive images and thoughts-because there will be so many things to deal with in life.

Dinner Last Night:

Roast chicken cooked in rice cooker with purple rice

Picture 047

Vegs and scallops and leftover honey chicken.

Picture 048

Really glad I can rest at home today!

Picture 050

So wonderful to enjoy the late afternoon sun streaming in!

Picture 051

What helps you to get focused when the environment around you gets a bit harried?