Busy week

So. Much. Work.

Have been staying back at work lately because of some major changes and revamps going on at work so have been working my ass off.

It’s not unmanageable, it’s just that because of pulling some late hours at work, some things have taken a back seat-like not making enough home made dinners and not spending enough time with family and friends.

My recent routine has been: workout-work-work-work-dinner (at home or outside)-laundry/housework-an hr of telly/sitcom-sleep.

But I’m just grateful for everyday-although some days are tougher than others, because of small things-like how my arm is healing and gaining back so much strength compared to 2 months back; like how I found a good coping mechanism (workouts) and also how people at work have been nice and some have been really positive and encouraging.

I read this from another blog and I thought it was quite a good message:

From: Fitting It All In

no matter your age, there are people that uplift you and people that don’t. It’s important to be friends with people that make you feel good about yourself. Ones that make you smile and laugh, and ones enjoy the same things you do.

Not people that gossip or give backhanded compliments. Not people that pressure you to do things you don’t want to do. Not people that leave you feeling drained instead of energized.

I started thinking more about this concept, and realized it applies to ALL areas of our lives:

Career. Relationship. Spirituality. (I would include your family, except you don’t really have much choice in that.)

Your career should make you feel valued,intelligent, and fulfilled.

Your relationship should make you feel confident,cherished, and encouraged.

Your spirituality should make you feel peaceful,grounded, and purposeful.

Workouts this week like my PT sessions and body combat kept me relatively sane 🙂

My outdoor running has been limited because of the mercurial super hot and super rainy weather in the morning so a lot of mornings are now indoors in the gym.

Some Eats This Week:


Notable dish was the brinjal with pork floss which I’m hoping to replicate when I’m more disposed.

Picture 149

The dish magnifique 

Picture 151

And because by mid week, the Hubs & I were feeling a bit tired out from work; we headed back to Chilli’s to unwind! That place is becoming a favourite haunt!

Of course, a bowl of chilli was a must!

Picture 142

Shrimp quesadillas were tried for the first time & we can say that we are fans of mexican fare! The guacamole was heavenly!

Picture 144

On Wednesday, we had home cooked food. In spite of knocking off work late, I thought we really needed vegs and healthier food-so a quick stirfry of broccoli, spinach and some chicken together with egg made for a quick dinner!

Picture 148

Together with some purple rice and some eggplant dip to go along with the food!

I must say this is really not the best work/dinner-hoping that next week will be more well planned in terms of meals!

 Picture 147

Have a good Friday all!

Are you surrounded by people who uplift and energize you?


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