This week was trying- and this morning, before I embarked on a dramatic self pity mode, I looked through the pictures I took and thought that perhaps the week wasn’t as horrendous as I perceived it to be-it’s just that I was fixated on some not so great stuff and I’m obsessed with those.


Mon-1 hr combat & 1 hr PT

Tues-5k run with the Hubs after work

Wed-30mins combat & a PT session (THAT GOT INTERRUPTED!)

Fri-1 hr PT

Sat-1 hr PT

Sun-Sttttretching & Yoga

Story of how my workout on Tues got interrupted and why I am still miffed.

Wednesday actually saw a bit of a hump workout-wise. I was a little late to the combat class (due to the crazy sauce rain), but it was ok because the instructor was late as well so I managed to catch the class. When I went for my PT, my colleague called me.

Turns out one of my other staff was supposed to go down and help her with an event and was late! And the other staff was on medical leave. So she was stranded alone! As we were short on manpower, there was no one to activate, so I ended my 15mins PT session and was waiting for a cab to go down when my colleague called me to tell me that the staff who was late, had reached. Turns out she was 2 hrs late!! So I was furious-mad that those on work duty were unprofessional and irresponsible and that I had to disrupt my own plans and get involved-on a day when I didn’t even have to go to work early. I have to say that I am supremely uncomfortable and peeved about work interfering with my personal life and although this couldn’t be helped, it still disturbs me greatly. This incident has crossed the line between work and life by so much!

Action was definitely taken after that. I can’t be doing the jobs of so many people. Already, I am covering and doing more than what my role entails; I cannot possibly be effective if I am doing 2 other people’s jobs as well! I am definitely not a happy camper when it comes to this.

Well-I finally got that off my chest. It was definitely eating into me.

Me without workout + some long meetings this week = unbalanced me.

Eats This Week!

On Sunday, I had to go attend some work event so after that, it was thankfully still early (around 11am), so I met the Hubs for breakfast at a pork rib soup joint that the Hubs had a serious craving for.

Picture 120

We got some tea ala traditional old man style of enjoying tea.

Picture 116

The Food!- pork ribs soup which was generously refilled, salted vegetables & peanuts! And a bowl of noodles for me!

Picture 117

Picture 119

The Hubs had special request for Japanese noodles that night and we found some more crab legs (we thought our stash had been depleted so it was a nice surprise). We had that and some salad and baked chicken as the sides.

Picture 121

Picture 122

Picture 123

Breakfast on Tuesday-half a curry bun shared with the Hubs and some crackers & ham. This was a necessary breakfast because on Tuesday, some stuff happened at work and we were also working our crazy asses off.

Picture 126

Tuesday after the run, I was really craving breakfast for dinner! An omlette, ham and some crackers hit the spot!

Wednesday Night’s dinner-after the “my life got interrupted by work” incident and the Hubs decided that we needed to chill. So we went to our favourite restaurant-Chilli’s! And we got the chilli which was awesome as usual.

Picture 128

Picture 130

Then we got margaritas-which definitely helped me to unwind lots! It was the best thing that happened on that Wednesday.

Picture 132

We had some chicken rolls and Mexican wings & they were absolutely divine.

Picture 133

Picture 134

Thursday was taken up by having to attend an intensive course at a faraway location for some changes happening at work soon and the Hubs decided that I would be too crashed from the long journey back to prep dinner so we went to a Japanese Ramen place and had some comforting noodles.

I felt a tad bad for not preparing so many dinners this week but the past few days have just been so intense! I have a feeling the next 2 weeks, work is going to be a real stretcher-but I just have deal with it!

Picture 135

Picture 136

Some snacks I found:

The below breakfast cereal is good! Another great Post product. The other would be their Banana Nut Crunch!

Picture 127

Discovered that 2 tablespoons of the below makes for quite a substantial lunch (or mid day snack). There are little pretzels, almonds, cranberries and M& Ms. Not a bad trail mix.

Picture 137

Off to my workout before another day at WORK!

How has your week been?

Any great workouts you’ve had lately that helps keep you balanced?



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