Saturday Stuff

There have been so many things happening personal wise and work wise.

So tonight, whilst the Hubs is away at a camp, I baked a batch of butter cookies and had some of them with raspberry jam and a mug of warm milk.

Cookies sans jam.

Picture 108

Picture 110

Such a cheap treat. But so comforting.

Watched the latest episode of Parks & Recreation in which Ron Swanson is forced to go see a doctor and Anne asks him a series of personal history questions.

How many drinks of alcohol do you consume a week?

1…1 shelf

Do you exercise?

Yes..lovemaking and woodworking

Do you have any history of mental illness in your family?

I have an uncle who does yoga.


Cowardice & weak willed men.

Sexual History?

Epic…and private.


Work as usual was just..well…work. The good thing was working out prior to work really brightens up the day. I haven’t been running long distances, have been focusing on strength workouts these 2 weeks. Will kickstart my runs again come Monday. After a long race, I always feel a bit bored to run, so have been mixing up my workouts a bit the last 2 weeks.

Work is taxing. Sometimes I wish things were easier & I don’t have to be the one solving stuff all the time. But:


Anyway, Spirit of The Marathon 2 (Rome) is coming out in June! So inspiring! Makes you proud to be part of the running community.

Some interesting eats & finds over the week!

Yummilicious coconut peanut butter. Recently I’ve been a fan of coconuty stuff; never knew they tasted so good!

Picture 098

Also, recently, I have been craving yogurt for lunch. Great brand that I found- Farmer’s Union yogurt series. Topped with some nuts and toasted cereal toppings, it makes for a refreshing and filling lunch!

Picture 111

Dinner the past 2 nights was stew. It’s a mixed up stew—with chicken stock, chicken fillet, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, black eyed peas, onions, celery and some adzuki beans.


Picture 097

After: (okay so it was a tad messy on the side…)

Picture 113

Stew again last night. Topped with seaweed flakes.

Picture 104

Stuff I got today for the week ahead…the snacks are for the Hubs! Although I did snag a bite or two from the Jagabee bag!

Picture 105

Any hilarious shows that you recently watched?

What is your go to light lunch food?



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