Mid Week Eats


Did the usual 30mins combat before going for PT today. It is getting more fun even though the workouts are kickass tiring. We did lotsof vibrogym workouts, step stool workouts (as you can see I don’t know the correct terms or names for these exercises!), 100 situps, arm extensions and the leg extensions workouts. Actually doing the workouts on the vibrogym was much easier (I felt) since there’s a countdown meter and you know when or how much more you have to endure.

Intense workouts always make for a better day at work ahead-I don’t have any scientific explanation but I’m more calm and mellow when dealing with things.

Was in a yogurty mood today so lunch was:

Picture 080

Tonight was our weekly date night and it was at:

Picture 091

We shared a small pepperoni and green pepper pizza and had chicken wings on the side. We were so ravenous that we didn’t take any picture of the food! Just the drinks and dessert! The food was really good and it was definitely a delicious way to end the day!

Bitter lemon for me & ginger beer for the Hubs.

Picture 092

And a beautiful tiramisu for us!

Even though we got home a bit late, around 9pm, [yes we are really happening people 🙂 ], it’s great to have a nice break midweek and spend some quality time without any distractions (work or telly or other stuff). It helps that the food and ambience was top notch!

Picture 088

Tuesday was a rest day for me workout wise and I spent the day on a course related to work. It was fun to catch up with some colleagues who have moved and it was quite inspiring actually to learn how they deal with work.

Cute sandwich shop that I passed on my way to the course:

Picture 066

It was a hot day and a liquid lunch was in order! The meatless minestrone from Soup Spoon did the trick!

Picture 094

Dinner was a special request from the Hubs – Japanese cold soba to be dipped in the chilled shoyu sauce. We added ice cubes to the bottom of the noodle bowl to make it even more refreshing!

Picture 071

With a spinach, black eyed peas, mixed greens salad; topped with some Pacific clams.

Picture 073

Instant miso soup to round off the Japanese themed meal!

Picture 075

Happy mid week folks! The weekend will be here before you know it!

How’s your week going? Any interesting eats? 🙂


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