Weekend Happenings

It was a long week, with me clocking in a 6 day week last week; but some stuff kept me going!

On Fri, it was a nice brekky that was made for the Hubs: Egg (with basil leaf) and half a sausage on an Ezekiel  cinnamon raisin bread).

Picture 034

Then it was work work work, drama drama drama. Ok, it wasn’t that hyperbolic at work, it’s just that I had to conduct a class for adults and some of them were a tad over-the-top with my other colleagues. Coupled with my own paperwork and other admin stuff, it was a little tiring. 🙂

On Saturday, it was PT that woke me up! Even though I was whining a bit about being tired from the day before, the instructor didn’t show me any mercy; so it was a brutal leg & arm weights workout:

2 sets of 30 lunges with weights

2 sets of squats

3 sets of 30 leg raisers

100 side stretchers

2 sets of arm extensions (side).

And many more… (I usually blank out/black out after the first 30 mins and just do….)

The goodness that powered me through the workout was a yogurt with lotsof chia seeds:

Picture 036

The gym wasn’t that crowded on Saturday so it was a nice welcome change and there was lots of space! And after that it was work! By the time I reached home, I was pooped and a nice big greens fry up was to way to go!

Picture 037

Lotsa greens and some meat for protein!

Picture 038 

Sunday was a real treat after having had to go back to work on Saturday; after mass, me and the Hubs went to Tanglin Mall to do a little window and grocery shopping. Going into Tatty Marsh (shop that sells Cath Kidston stuff) made me hanker for an English afternoon tea with crumpets and watercress sandwiches. Everything is decked out so prettily!

Picture 039

Picture 040

Some actual stuff we were hankering after were found at the supermarket (except for the packet of Japanese crackers) which was picked up earlier on. We haven’t had waffles for months so we decided to treat ourselves!

Picture 041

Sunday diner was a blast! We had tortillas with meat filling, cut up mini portobello mushrooms, onions and peas-cooked with A1 sauce!

First add in the onions and schrooms

Picture 042

Then the meat and peas

Picture 043

Guess who decided to help me out with the frying?

Picture 044

Voila! End product:

Picture 056

Cross section of the tortilla with fillings, topped with avocado paste.

Picture 046

A self-tossed salad with some pine nuts added the greens to the meal.

Picture 045

A Weis lemon sorbet mixed with summer berries ice cream rounded off the evening. I love Weis sorbet ice cream, ever since I realized that it was a good antidote for sore throats. The lemon sorbet really soothes a bad throat and makes everything feel better on a hot day too!

Picture 057

Picture 048

The Hubs and I caught Knight & Day whilst we had a Stella to unwind and some japanese snacks. he may have his shortcomings (Scientology being the most obvious one), but Mr Cruise is one helluva actor and stunt person! He does seem really normal in interviews and on shows, so I wonder what happened to all his marriages? 🙂

Picture 049

And that’s the weekend!

How was your weekend? All ready to start the new week?

Tom Cruise- love him or hate him?



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