On Weight & Two Things Thursdays

It’s nearing the end of the week and I’m beat. The crazy sauce hot and sporadic rainy weather is driving me insane. Also I think work wise, I have been stretched a tad thin the last few weeks so just feeling the burn baby! 🙂  High time to look for a new distraction and to get on with my running plan! Recovery is good, so it’s a very positive sign to start up running long again. It will definitely get my mind off stuff. Some truisms from Pinterest which I think applies to me and my work at the moment. I don’t like to shed any negativity so here’s some mental fuel to get through the tough times.

Pinned Image

It never gets easier, you just get better.  #Running #Motivation www.rockmyrun.com


Running motivation

On another note, are you obsessed with your weight? Or how much you weigh? I used to be and I didn’t weigh myself until quite recently and although I put on some weight, I wasn’t as fazed as I would be a few years back. I think it’s because I can see what my body can do- (recover from an injury, do crazy sauce workouts with my instructor and have strong legs to run far). Although I can do with more toning up and eating smaller portions, I think my body is quite strong. I think my plan would be to focus on eating even better and pushing my body more and not so much on weighing myself. I guess this thought came about when an ex colleague remarked that my face looked rounder—I felt a bit guilty and ashamed—until I thought about what my body has gone through this year. But it’s also kind of disturbing that in spite of so much working out, I’m not dropping pounds like crazy—how much water does my body actually have?? 🙂

Some Two Things Thursdays to share:

1) Meals Of The Day

Breakfast was Virgina ham on Ezekial bread and some Wild Maine blueberry jam. The highlight of dinner was the veg galore stirfry-and who can go without some cooling watermelon and mangos in this weather?

Picture 028

Picture 032

Picture 033

2) Entertainment for the night was watching the 3 Tenors sing Funiculi Funicula and getting inspired by Paul Potts sing Nessum Dorma. Makes me want to pack up and move to the UK where there is a rich culture, there is proper decorum and manners, the newspaper articles are witty and English is being used properly! I kind of feel like I’m in a transactional relationship with my home country at the moment.  🙂  But as what the Hubs says, be thankful for the moment, for what you have and don’t think of what-ifs!


For a trippy trip down memory lane, check out these 2 songs! They bring me back to my secondary school days when I would listen to Gold 90FM & Class 95 whilst doing arithmetic revision and for my humanities finals. I can’t believe how far that girl has come! The work stuff is definitely tougher than all the exams put together? 🙂

How do you determine the right weight for yourself? 

Are you a 90s’ kid?  Even if you aren’t, are there any  go-to songs that transport back to your school days?


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