Mid Week Catch Ups

One would have thought that one’s PT instructor would go easy after one has run for a long time on Sun, but noooo, the aforementioned instructor decided that it would be fun to do even more leg work! So, on Tues this happened:


Anyhow, here’s my final tally for the 21k I did, much better than expected, what a relief! Even though we went in with low expectations. The nett time is the more accurate timing as we were the 2nd wave of runners to go on. Am quite happy and this time round, I just needed a day of rest and I’m okay! Looks like the PT sessions really helped!



Dinner yesterday after a long day at work was some needed protein in the form of sushi! We had a sashimi salad, a salmon avocado roll and some grilled scallop in cheese. It was a wonderful date out but nowadays I just feel quite guilty about being happy because a close extended family member is battling a major major health issue and I find myself these few days feeling a tad reprehensible for being able to go through life cheerily.

Picture 027

Picture 019

Picture 021

On another note, you know that you have been real domineering when your Hubs sees the book below and thinks of you immediately…..and when I insisted that I wasn’t, he correctly pointed out that was bossiness personified.

I read the story and well…some parts did sound like me, like when Miss Bossy told Mr Small to grow up and stop getting in her way and told off characters for being ridiculously dressed. 🙂

I guess in my new role, I am and I have to be bossy sometimes, so that things get done. I don’t like being bossy but the Hubs firmly believes its innate.

 Picture 022

Today was another gruelling but good PT session coupled with 30mins of combat. Actually the PT sessions are all good, it really helps me to focus and block out all distractions and stresses the day brings. It also helps me to cope with this whole myriad of emotions I’m feeling lately.

Breakfast today was a Filipino spring roll given to us courtesy of the in-laws. Jam and crackers seemed to go well with it.

Picture 023

For the first time ever, I had to have the below after my PT session because it was so intense and draining. Good workout but it made me so ravenous! 

Picture 025

Dinner was a one pot meal-Japanese rice with some cabbage, endamame beans, leftover pork belly and mushrooms all cooked up in the rice cooker.

Picture 026

And I just had to have some dessert because I was so hungry still! A cup of orange jelly and some fish crackers, (i had a second helping) did the trick! Another work day has gone by, in the midst of it all, we have to remember to take a break and decompress and to go gentle on ourselves.

Picture 024

Have you ever had to cope with a family member or relative being ill? What is the best way to bring them comfort and have you felt guilty about them being unwell?

Being bossy—yay or nay for you?


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