Saturday Doings

 Before going to work today, this happened:

chest press-3 sets of 30

shoulder press- 3 sets of 30

leg press –4 sets of 50

squats with 20kg weights

leg raiser with weights

2 sets of 2 min squats

It may seem relaxing to do strength work since one doesn’t have to run around much; but it is definitely more intense than my circuit yesterday which included doing ladder work, situps, squats, lunges-the works. I’m really like some terrie or border collie-I need to drain my excess energy so that I will be more chill and mellow at work. Even though i thought today was rainy and warranted some form of sleeping in, I felt more refreshed and ready to start the day after a workout!

Had to go in to conduct a programme today; work is work is work. Just received some news that there are more changes to be anticipated and I’m trying very hard to be positive about my 14 day work week (starting Monday)-actually 20 (if you count this week). So that gives me the rest of today and tomorrow to catch up on housework! and on resting. Work is a real cauldron of crazy sauce right now-it’s unbelievable.

And because I got off work at 8.45pm last night and our friday hangout (Streets Of London) was closed, we had the below not so healthy fare from a nearby joint for dinner! Shrimp sauce fried chicken and black bean sauce noodles!

Picture 157

Picture 161

Some breakfasts this week:

Picture 162

Picture 159

And because I woke up early today, I was downloading some songs and below are some great new songs!

Also, I just found out that Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years was written for the Twilight main love interest characters! Well I was curious about the synopsis since I haven’t watched or read any of the saga; and I must say I can understand why certain people are huge fans. The characters really play on one’s fantastical romantic and imaginative concept of love. Still, I don’t think I can sit through a whole movie of that genre. Sitcoms, toilet humour and British acerbic wit are more my cup of tea. Somehow I may either have attention deficit disorder or I’m just a movie snob.  🙂

I’m pooped from a day’s work! Some watching of Top Gear is in order! Have a restful weekend!

Are you a fan of the Twilight series?

Any new workout songs on your list?