Easter Break

As I predicted, the hot weather yesterday was dissipated by the 3pm Easter mass rain. For some strange meteorological reason, every year, the hot weather will hold up until the start of the 3pm Easter service and then it will start raining. I wonder if it’s natural or religious reason? Does it signify anything? Becuase I just think it’s so uncanny that the rain comes, coincidentally just before the 3pm Easter service.

This year, however, I was home enjoying the coolness the rain brought. We attended the early morning service and spent the rest of the day catching up on much needed rest. Who knew that watching 3 back to back episodes of Top Gear will be so relaxing?

Snapshot of how we have been feeling: Mid week picture of much needed downtime after long dog days at work.

Picture 008

It was good having a public holiday. We were in the mood to just stay home and chill so this happened:

Home style Seafood Ramen with some frozen crab legs we had in the freezer and some store bought tako (octopus).

Picture 011

Guess whose portions are for whom?

Picture 012

Watching Marley & Me during dinner made us want to get a Labrodor and watching Moon Rise Kingdom before we turned in made us feel like film critic students. It’s a really good show and if you have seen Wes Anderson’s previous shows, you will not be disappointed. Didja know that the girl in Moon Rise Kingdom is a member of MENSA since she was nine years old? Awesome brainiac! Hubs commented that the film seemed to be shot in Instagram mode because of the colours used and the period the movie is set in (think 1965, cold war era, Brigitte Bardot style etc)

Anyhows just to back track, Jennifer Aniston is really really pretty! What would I give to live her character’s life on Marley & Me! It’s the perfect picturesque American family; although Cesar Milan will point out that the Marley the dog really needs discipline and order.

Some good stuff other than work happened this week: The top on the list would be the workout sessions, a bit sporadic this week because I was away on courses.

Picture 009

It’s nice to go on courses that actually help develop the self and not just work-based. Hopefully after this, I can be a better communicator.

I’m still loving veggie stir frys- its the best way to get the greens in! We had it together with some red rice cooked with burdock and a spicy mackerel fillet. I should try to make the meals more interesting; perhaps after this darned cough I’ve been having, I can do more stuff with my taste buds! 🙂

Picture 005

Picture 006

Picture 007

There’s a fantastic documentary on the History Channel on The Story Of Jesus. Fantastic because it shows how there are political factors at play and whether Pontius Pilate is really guilty for the cruxification. It is fascinating because Jesus, in real historical times, doesn’t look like anything he’s made to look like now. Remember the time and place he was in, he is more likely to look quite Mediterranean and Middle Eastern more than the pseudo European look he has been made to take on. Any thoughts?

Have you seen any Wes Anderson’s movies?  Like them or hate them? What’s your favourite?

How did you spend your Easter break?


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