Man Down! And Other Stuff

For the last few days, I have been spending time with these:

Picture 034

After 5 mths, the bug has got me good. I guess after weeks on end of being hacking, coughing and wheezing around me, together with not doing strength training for the past few days, I have been officially “bugged”.

Dinner the past 2 nights have been more vegetable based since my taste buds have been on a strike.

Had egg, mixed vegetables and pine nuts stir fry salad yesterday and a minced meat, vegetable sort of salad tonight.

Picture 031

Picture 033

But Hubs bought me a coffee pudding to cheer me up and that made my evening!

Picture 037

I recommend Friends as a get well show to watch to expedite recovery.  🙂

Picture 038

Hubs has been on a school holiday break this week-lucky him! But sad thing is I haven’t been spending much time with him. The first few days last week I have been on family vacation in Cameron and in Malacca. And when I got back, it was working hard at work all the way.

Would you imagine; there’s a Time Tunnel in Cameron? It’s a mish mash of old stuff and it looks like a junkyard for old and nostalgic items.

Picture 022

Picture 024

Picture 041

Guess what the below is?

Picture 042

An old fashioned postman’s bike.

Picture 043

Efficient way of drying school shoes.

Picture 025

Landmarks in Malacca.

Picture 026

Picture 027

Picture 028

Picture 029

With the fam.

Picture 040

The past few days have been a horrendous heat wave of sorts. It has been sweltering and I miss the Decembery chilly season. With the advent of Easter this month, sometimes it’s quite sad to imagine that Christ was made to carry the huge cross and crucified in this kind of horrid sweltering heat.

I hope things get back to normal after this week; I can’t wait to go back to working out and feeling better!


Who is your favourite Friends character?  I  like Chandler lots! Maybe because I share the same kind of sardonic humour and personality as him!

Any thoughts on Easter?


2 thoughts on “Man Down! And Other Stuff

  1. Haha; Leo agrees you are a Rachel too! Chadler-type personalities are really the best eh? 🙂 Who can resist their wit? haha.

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