Wraps & Walks

This week has been rather harried and hurried for both the Hubs and I; so it was rather nice when we had interesting things to look forward to after a whirlwind of a work day.

Like when we decided to have wraps for dinner on Tuesday:


We used tomato paste and some mozzarella cheese on the base, heated it up for 40 seconds

Picture 001

Added in a variety of ingredients (minced pork and egg stirfy together with the leftover brown rice stirfry that I made for the Hubs for his lunch.

Put in lots of vegs & fresh avocado (soft paste) and voila! A hearty wrap for the Hubs.

Picture 002

We decided to go on a date on Thursday and roasted duck was the main feature of the evening! We haven’t have had it in quite a while! After an intense PT & combat session in the morning, this was well worth it!

Picture 005

Picture 006

We discovered a path less taken after dinner…….

Picture 010

it was like a step back into time, when folks still stayed in the walk in homes and walk up shop-houses. People had random stuff all over their backyard, like a barbecue pit, shoes hanging from clotheslines, patches of wildflowers being grown. Some were growing their own fruit trees and orchid plots and there was a pretty star shaped like crossroad in the middle of nowhere…….

Picture 013

And somebody built a badminton court right smack in the midst of the homes. It felt like we were walking down a 1970’s suburban area in the US. I was half expecting to see an apple pie cooling off on a window sill!

Still, it was quite a beautiful date; we had time to talk and it was a quiet and interesting place to walk through, far from the madding crowd. We saw some runners whizzing by, a motherly lady washing the dishes over the sink, an old man enjoying an evening smoke in his beautiful wall papered home. Definitely a great place to decompress with a walk! 🙂

Picture 016

Do you like wraps? What are some of the good stuff you put into wraps?

Have you had an interesting walk recently?



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