Thursday Musings

Workout Today;

Went for a 20 min run after work today; reached home at 6.30pm but something seemed to be missing (besides the Hubs who has to be at work late today). There was a long and somewhat overwhelming briefing at work today so to clear my mind, I decided to just go for a fast run round the ‘hood. I’m such a sacredy cat, didn’t do a long one because when it gets darker in the evenings, there are bats flying around and because they are so blind (like bats haha), sometimes they fly smack into me!! How is that even possible? So I’m real worried when I end a run late in the evening by myself.


Back In The UK-Scooter

Slow & Steady Rush-Random Attack

Dynamit (Kritical Mass Radio Edit)-Jason Born

Love The Way You Lie (KM Hands Up Remix)-Other Ego

The run was superb and there was a perfect glow in the sky which makes it such an inspiring run; and it’s amazing how even a short run can clear the mind and makes one feel so good. Lov’in the feel’in.

I always feel more in sync with my spiritual side when I’m out on a run-sometimes I have weird conversations in my head. Like today, I aked God in my head “why is work so tough sometimes?” and then halfway through I remember that I managed to get through a lot of things and my arm is more or less okay now and I’m just so thankful. I’m really random.

A random picture to go with my random personality: A nice evening picture of the apartment block I live in-so nice to come home to a home.

Picture 018

A sweaty pic of myself after the run. I need photography lessons 101. My colleagues mentioned that I have put on weight as compared to a year or two back (sensitive topic yah). I know I did, and I’m working towards losing some and toning up more; although it’s taking some time. On the bright side though, due to the PT sessions and my other workouts, I’ve not been so susceptible to flu and sick bugs, so that’s something.

Picture 019

My dinner tonight was a salad of cabbage, spinach, some leftover egg stir-fry, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Picture 020

Reading blogs whilst having dinner & waiting for the Hubs to be back!

Picture 021

What are some of your tips for losing some unwanted weight?

Any favourite playlists for runs?



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